Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ohio College All-Stars Returning

After an absence of a few years the Ohio College All-Stars are making a comeback. The team will be led by Taylor Howden and Tom Rooney with a trial for interested players on April 23rd in Columbus. Right now the plan is to take on the Michigan All-Stars on May 13th. The match is schedule for Beekman Park (OSU rugby field) but that could be changed if a large venue is needed.

"There hasn't been a team like this in Ohio since 2012," said Howden to TIAR. "I believe there is a massive amount of talented rugby players in Ohio at youth & collegiate level so we want to be able to give players another stepping stone into a national or All-American set up. We are encouraging players from ANY school in Ohio to trial for this side."

If successful, it could lead to more areas in the Midwest choosing select play. "Our hope is that other cities and states in the Midwest adopt this idea and begin to breathe life back into the collegiate All-Star realm so we can start getting our players more games at a higher level." explained Howden. Given how teams from Ohio have done recently it could make for a great match. 

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  1. With the apparent fall of PRO and then the emergence of MLR this could be a way forward for Ohio toward the new professional structure. Similar to that of Rugby Utah and their Selects.