Tuesday, March 21, 2017

NAI 7s Readies For Another Year

The North American Invitational 7s tournament is gearing up for their biggest year yet. After a very successful 2016 in which dozens of teams turned out the Regional Athletic Complex just north of Salt Lake City this year's tournament is expanding even more. Their goal is to become "the Rosslyn Park 7s of North America. With 16 full sized fields, Elite participants from all over North American and the Caribbean, it will form one the crown jewels of youth 7s."

The tournament will be held on August 5th and 6th this year. Many spots are already taken and the early registration date is April 1st so interested teams better start planning. There are boy's and girl's teams at the U-14, U-16, and U-18 levels. The U-18 level will have an Open division and an Elite division. It is anticipated at the Elite divisions will have some of the top youth teams in the country.

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To help those that are interested here is some information sent out by the organization in a recent email:

You may have read about how the NAI7s has added a u14 girls division but did you know about all of the other cool stuff we have added between partners and opportunities? Did you know that all revenues from the NAI7s go towards scholarships and assistance with at risk players? Did you know that all of our partnerships are designed to reduce the cost of you traveling to Utah to play in the best youth only 7s tournament around?

We now have the following partners to help make your trip to Utah both comfortable and affordable. See all attached docs and links for more info on each partner.

Hotel sponsor:
Our primary hotel sponsor and HQ for the second year is the Radisson downtown. We have negotiated rates with the hotel that beat anything you will find in the downtown area and the hotel in about 10 minutes from the athletic complex. Those rates are for 4 people per room plus heavily discounted full buffet breakfast. For the coaches and managers, the hotel will launder your jerseys on Friday night and have them ready for you Saturday morning. Click Here for more info and links to reserve rooms. These rooms are going very quick for our reserved block. We will be having additional hotel coming online as we approach mid april but nothing that will be the location the HQ offers. These offers are good for players and family members.

Airline Partner
We are proud to announce our partnership with Delta Airlines to bring you discounted tickets on all Delta and codeshare airlines. You will need to follow very specific instructions on how to book these tickets but the beauty of it is anyone can use them from players to family members. please refer to the attached documentation for instructions on how to reserve your single or group tickets. You can also CLICK HERE to take you to our website with more info.

Vehicle Partner
We are also proud to announce our new partnership with Enterprise and National Car rentals. We have worked negotiated rates with Enterprise to get you the best offer on cars, trucks, and most importantly 15 passenger vans! These vehicles can be rented by both family members and teams CLICK HERE to take you to our website with more info.

Entertainment Partners
We have some returning and some new entertainment partners this year. Since the tournament is focused exclusively on youth rugby, we wanted teh entertainment to be youth-centric as well. Seven Peaks water park will be returning this year and we will be adding a new partner with the Utah Olympic Legacy foundation where we will have access to the bobsled runs, zip lines, aerial pools, etc for a heavily discounted rate. This is up in Park City and a great place to do team building exercises or just have fun. We are also working on a discount for use of the Olympic Oval with its Olympic quality training center for those teams who want a little more. This will not be all, we have adding more entertainment options as we finalize more deals with our local establishments.

Restaurant Partners
This is still in the works but we expect to have several restaurant partners that would be able to support large groups dining needs. We will keep you informed or you can watch our website for more info.

More Video
We are adding video to more fields. In 2016, we live streamed field 1 and recorded field 2. This year we will be recording all playing fields and live streaming field 1. If you didn't watch the feeds from last year, they were incredible but we are adding instant replay to the tools our announcers have available plus an additional camera. Our production company is top quality and this is going to be great.

Sponsorship Opportunity
Tours are hard and we want to help alleviate cost burdens. We have reserved field space on fields 2-6 for teams like your to sell banner space. Our banner packages start at $500 but if you sell one to one of your own local sponsors, we will give you $300 back. The bigger the package the more you get back. We do have one or two package slots open for the championship field that we would need to chat about. Regardless, this is a way to significantly help reduce your costs and benefit your relationships with your local sponsor. They will also have web presence on our NAI7s website at certain package levels. Please reach out to me if you have questions about this opportunity.

This year promises to not only surpass last years tournament but blow it out of the water in terms of competition, quality of services provided and numbers of teams. We will be capping the tourney at 80 teams to insure quality ( referees, infrastructure, etc.) so do not wait too long to register or you may find the bracket you wanted sold out.

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