Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mixed Results For U.S. At Vancouver Rugby Festival

It was generally mixed results for U.S. teams at the Vancouver Rugby Festival. The Falcons went 1-2 on the day with three matches set for tomorrow. First up for the teams were the South African Selects where the U.S. fell 22-5. They rebounded with a 40-0 win over the Stars but then lost 29-5 to the Maple Leafs. The Stars, the other American team in the competition, went 0-3.

On the men's side of things the Stars struggled going 0-4 with losses to BC Elite, Maple Leafs, UBCOB, and the Wolfpack. They will play Thunder Rugby and Fiji Blond tomorrow. In other divisions Central Washington don't get going in the Women's Open until tomorrow. The Washington Loggers U-18s went 1-2 with a 15-7 win over the Edmonton Gold and a 19-0 loss to Tahi All-Stars and a 32-15 loss to the Junior Pandas. 


  1. 2-11 combined record for the day is mixed results? Sounds more like a thumping.

  2. Sounds like those results speak for themselves nothing mixed about it.