Thursday, March 2, 2017

Men's & Women's Elite, Aces Day One Recap (Updated)

Photo: Connie Hatfield
There weren't a lot of surprises in the Men's Elite bracket. Germany, the Northeast Academy, Tiger 1823, Serevi Selects, and Denver all sailed through their pools to lead the domestic contingent while there are once again a few international teams, including last year's finalists Froggies Midol.

Germany had an easy time in Pool A, especially as APX Fiji Blond were no shows. TPool B went to the Northeast Academy and The Selects. The latter are a sleeper team that could go far.  Denver were arguably the most impressive team on the day as they put up a lot of points to cruise in Pool C. The Borelli Walsh barely edged out the Black Dragons to take the second spot. In Pool D it was the Froggies Midol and the Serevi Selects that duked it out for the top spot. We're still waiting on that score to see who went through. In Pool E Tiger 1823 had no trouble.

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We're still waiting on scores to finalize the three other quarterfinalists.

UPDATE: Quarterfinals are Denver vs. Selects, Northeast Academy vs. Tribe, Germany vs. Borelli Walsh, and Tiger 1823 vs. Serevi Selects

Pool A: Germany, APX Fiji Blond, Air Force, Misfits

Germany 14-0 APX Fiji Blond
Air Force 7-21 Misfits
Misfits 14-0 APX Fiji Blond
Germany 49-0 Air Force
Germany 34-12 Misfits
Air Force 14-0 APX Fiji Blond

Pool B: Northeast Academy, Tama Laie Lions, The Selects, West Indies

NE Academy 22-7 Tama Laie Lions
Selects 26-7 West Indies
NE Academy 38-14 Selects
West Indies 35-Tama Laie Lions
NE Academy - West Indies
Selects 31-21 Tama Laie Lions

Pool C: Denver 7s, Black Dragon, Borelli Walsh Selects, Air Force 2

Denver 40-0 Black Dragon
Borelli Walsh 29-5 Air Force 2
Denver 21-5 Borelli Walsh
Black Dragon 12-19 Air Force 2
Denver 61-0 Air Force
Borelli Walsh 21-19 Black Dragons

Pool D: Froggies Midol, Serevi Selects, Tribe, Oxfam Crusaders

Froggies 12-25 Serevi Selects
Tribe 22-0 Oxfam Crusaders
Froggies 14-12 Tribe
Serevi Selects 26-7 Oxfam Crusaders
Froggies - Oxfam Crusaders
Serevi - Tribe

Pool E: Atlantis, Tiger 1823, Florida ODA, Stars

Tiger 33-0 Atlantis
Florida 22-5 Stars
Florida 28-7 Atlantis
Tiger 34-10 Stars
Atlantis 24-24 Stars
Tiger 36-0 Florida

Women's Elite

The women's elite saw only two matches for each team today. That said several teams have claimed quarterfinal spots. In Pool A the Falcons cruised through play to claim a spot. It will be between Florida and the Arukas Queen tomorrow for the other quarterfinal spot. In Pool B it's the Maple Leafs that were perfect on day one. The Northeast Academy and Tribe will play tomorrow for the last spot. Atavus and WR Ravens are the quarterfinalists from Pool C. Scion have qualified from Pool D.

Pool A: Falcons, Arukas Queen, Florida ODA, Stars Blue

Falcons 33-5 Arukas Queen
Florida 26-0 Stars Blue
Falcons 17-0 Florida
Arukas Queen 36-12 Stars Blue

Pool B: Maple Leafs, Northeast Academy, Tribe, Phoenix 7s

Maple Leafs 24-0 Northeast Academy
Tribe 53-0 Phoenix
Maple Leafs 27-12 Tribe
NE Academy 33-0 Phoenix

Pool C: Atavus, Stars Red, San Diego Surfers, WR Ravens

Atavus 23-15 Stars Red
SD Surfers 5-36 WR Ravens
Atavus 28-5 SD Surfers
WR Ravens 22-19 Stars Red

Pool D: Scion Sirens, Team Quebec, Air Force

Scion 26-0 Quebec
Scrion 33-0 Air Force

Men's Aces

We're still missing some scores from the Men's Aces but so far Humless are looking good as is the Army, Upright Rugby, and the Chicago Lions.

Pool A: Humless, Team Quebec, Arctic Legion, Titans Hawaii

Humless 24-20 Quebec
Titans 31-17 Arctic Legion
Humless 33-5 Arctic Legion
Quebec 21-19 Titans
Humless 28-5 Titans
Quebec 24-21 Arctic Legion

Pool B: Army, Mana Rugby, West Valley Lions, Legacy Rugby

Army 24-14 Mana Rugby
Legacy 21-12 West Valley
Army 28-12 West Valley
Legacy 24-17 Mana
Mana 26-13 West Valley
Army 29-5 Legacy

Pool C: Upright Rugby, Denver 7s, New Orleans 7s, N&J

Upright 21-0 Denver
NOLA 21-19 N&J
Upright 26-16 NOLA
Denver 31-15 N&J
Upright 31-10 N&J
Denver 31-19 NOLA

Pool D: BC Rugby, Atlanta Old White, Bridge City, Hooligans Selects

BC 28-31 Atlanta
Hooligans 26-7 Bridge City
BC 38-0 Bridge City
Atlanta 19-14 Hooligans
BC 50-5 Hooligans
Atlanta 64-0 Bridge City

Pool E: Chicago Lions, The Selects, Cowrie 7s, PNRFU Loggers

Lions 14-0 Cowrie
Lions 29-10 Loggers
Selects 14-0 Cowrie
Selects 21-12 Loggers

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  1. I am impressed with Florida ODA's performance this year. Both the Men and Women came in second in their pools, loosing only to the pool leaders. Last year, both sides got mopped the floor with. Great improvement, and good things coming out of Florida.