Saturday, March 4, 2017

Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Argentina XV

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The Eagles start their ARC today against Uruguay. The Rugby Channel has the action live.

USA Line-up

Forwards: Tony Purpura, James Hilterbrand, Chris Baumann, Matt Jensen, Siaosi Mahoni, John Quill, Tony Lamborn, Cam Dolan; Backs: Shaun Davies, Will Magie, Nate Augspurger, JP Eloff, Bryce Campbell, Mike Te'o, Ben Cima; Bench: Peter Malcolm, Ben Tarr, Ollie Kilifi, Hanco Germishuys, David Tameilau, Calvin Whiting, Ryan Matyas, Spike Davis

Argentina XV Line-up

Forwards: Francisco Ferronato, Gaspar Baldunciel, Santiago Medrano, Pedro Ortega, Ignacio Larrague, Francisco Gorrissen, Lautaro Bavaro (C), Tomás de la Vega; Backs: Sebastián Cancelliere, Domingo Miotti, Julián Domínguez, Bruno Devoto, Santiago Álvarez, Germán Schulz, Gabriel Ascárate; Bench: Marcelo Brandi, Franco Brarda, Eduardo Bello, Franco Molina, Santiago Montagner, Lautaro Bazán, Juan Cruz González, Franco Cuaranta

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Pre-game: This is a big one for the Eagles. They won't be favored but a win would be huge.
Pre-game: Preview here.
Pre-game: Anthems up!
0: We're underway.
3: Argentina are threatening early. A knock-on and U.S. defense prevents the try. Eloff with a steal.
5: The U.S. come up with a big turnover after Argentina are just meters from the line.
7: U.S. pinged for not releasing. Domingo Miotti's penalty is good. 3-0 to Argentina.
9: The Eagles have their first opportunity in Argentina territory but they seem rushed and trying to do too much at the moment.
10: Magie with a great chip ahead to Te'o and the Eagles are threatening. It's knocked on but penalty advantage. They'll go for the lineout.  And they lost the lineout.
13: This game is getting physical pretty fast. Argentina #9 shaken up.
15: Penalty on Argentina. Cima's 60+ meter kick is good! 3-3.
17: The scrum has held up well so far. That is crucial to any success.
18: After a shaky first ten minutes the Eagles are settling in nicely. They think they have something here.
20: So far the Cima experiment has worked out fairly well. Argentina are just as good at kicking though.
24: U.S. with a lot of possession but they can't get anything going. They elect to kick for territory.
25: David Tameilau is on for Siaosi Mahoni who looks injured.
29: Will Magie!! The ball pops out to Augspurger, he goes 80 meters but is caught just short. He offloads to Magie who scrambles over. Cima's conversion is off. 8-3 to the Eagles. Magie did really well there to not only support but to handle Augspurger's offload. Baumann created it with a strip.
32: Argentina with another good chance to score but the U.S. defense has been BIG. The ball pops loose and Cima quickly clears. 
35: Argentina called for not rolling away. U.S. going for the lineout rather than points. A strong wind is playing a factor.
36: The U.S. maul works to perfection and David Tameilau has a try!!! What a half from the Eagles. Cima nails the conversion. The U.S. lead 15-3 with a few minutes left in the half.
39: Augspurger and Dolan with some nice passing but Argentina create the turnover.
40+2: Argentina are inches from the line. The U.S. think they have an intercept but it's a penalty. Not much time left. Scrum.
40+4: Penalty try awarded to Argentina. Referee says that Te'o intentionally knocked it on. Te'o gets a yellow as well. That's a heartbreaker. 15-10.
40: Second half underway.
41: Argentina are going for tries with the wind at their back. They maul off an attacking lineout.
43: Tameilau now shown a yellow for stamping. The U.S. are now down two men.
45: Now #9 on Argentina is shown a yellow for a similar infraction. This will also allow the Eagles to clear the danger.
46: Malcolm comes on for James Hilterbrand.
50: Argentina are held up after a couple of five meter lineouts and maul. Peter Malcolm and John Quill did it.
53: Another penalty try for Argentina. All of that pressure paid off. Conversion is automatic. Argentina on top 17-15. Te'o back on.
55: Way too many penalties for the Eagles so far. The U.S. are getting warned.
56: Miotti will have a kick at goal for Argentina. It's up and good. 20-15.
57: Tameilau is back on at well. 15 players back for each team. Ben Tarr and Ollie Kilifi on for Tony Purpura and Chris Baumann.
62: U.S. with a good spell of possession but the Argentinian defense is there to push Te'o into touch.
63: Gabriel Ascárate try for Argentina! Well worked try to finally find a gap in the U.S defense. Two lovely offloads. Conversion good. 27-15. Hanco Germishuys on for John Quill.
64: Ryan Matyas comes on for Magie. Cima moves to flyhalf. Te'o to fullback and Matyas on the wing.
66: Calvin Whiting on or JP Eloff. A better few minutes from the Eagles.
68: Uggh. Cima's kick doesn't find touch and Argentina respond with a stellar kick to give them an attacking lineout. U.S. lost about 30 meters.
71: Spike Davis is on for Shaun Davies. Eagles still haven't had luck breaking through in the second half.
73: U.S. finally make some meters but it's spilled and Argentina clear. Time is running out for the Eagles.
74: Cam Dolan!!!! Matyas made the break on the other side of the pitch and it's cycled through to Dolan on the other wing. Cima's conversion is off. 27-20 with about five minutes left.
77: U.S. with some nice moves but Lamborn overcooks the pass and it goes into touch.
79: U.S. with a lot of pressure. They are just meters short without much time left.
80: David Tameilau under the posts and the Eagles are thrilled!!!!!! What a huge run from Tameilau. If Cima converts it will end in a tie but Argentina win ARC on point differential. The U.S. actually won thanks to a bonus point! The conversion is good! What a match! 27-27. The Eagles showed a lot and this feels as good as a victory.

Recap to come. Thanks for following along. 


  1. Actually won't USA win the ARC based on the bonus point for 4 tries in the match. Argentina only scored 3.

  2. Routine!, gutsy effort to NOT just pack it in, down by 12 with 10 minutes to play....this team will lift the United States to much higher world rankings.
    That match was worthy of a "Cap", no matter who the Argentineans brought in.

  3. Congrats to the Eagles and to all rugby fans in the US from Argentina! I do hope this title spurs more people into joining rugby clubs and schools across the U.S., that would be amazing! It would also be nice to see more Americans and less foreigners playing for the US Eagles, but that seems to be a discussion for another day. Enjoy the title! Next year we will try not to make it as easy as in 2017! ;-)