Monday, March 6, 2017

EIRA Wins Boy's Elite Title

Photo: Connie Hatfield
With no All-Americans playing in the Boy's Elite division at the LVI this year the majority of the players looking to break into the age-grade level ended up on Salty Thompson's Eagle Impact Rugby Academy teams. In the end, no matter under what jersey they played, the group of age-grade Americans had a fantastic tournament beating NZ Taniwha in the final. It capped off what was a terrific weekend for the team as they didn't drop a match all weekend. In pool play they beat Danville, the South Panthers, and the Washington Loggers all by healthy margins.

As the tournament progressed into knockout play the EIRA kept it up. They beat Cobra in the quarterfinals before beating DMV United in the semi-finals. DMV United (DC.-Maryland-Virginia) proved themselves to be an excellent team as did Atlantis who also made the semi-finals but lost to NZ Taniwha. The other teams in the quarterfinals were Upright Rugby, the South Panthers, and BCYE.

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Pool A: BCYE, DMV United, EIRA 2, Atavus

BCYE 5-19 DMV United
EIRA 2 26-0 Atavus
BCYE 17-15 EIRA 2
DMV United 32-0 Atavus
BCYE 12-10 Atavus
DMV United 26-112 EIRA 2

Pool B: NZ Taniwha, Upright Rugby, Utah Cannibals, Play Rugby USA

NZ 36-5 Upright
Cannibals 17-12 Play Rugby
NZ 24-7 Cannibals
Upright 36-0 Play Rugby
NZ 47-7 Play Rugby
Upright 12-12 Cannibals

Pool C: Atlantis, Utah Academy, Cobra Rugby, State of Mexico

Atlantis 49-7 Utah
Cobra 29-5 Mexico
Atlantis 29-0 Cobra
Utah 29-19 Mexico
Utah 19-20 Cobra

Pool D: EIRA 1, Danville Oaks, South Panthers, Washington Loggers

EIRA 1 29-0 Danville
South 15-10 Washington
EIRA 1 29-7 South
Danville 20-14 Washington
EIRA 1 33-0 Washington
Danville 20-25 South


DMV 27-5 Upright
EIRA 1 19-5 Cobra
Atlantis 41-0 South
NZ 38-14 BCYE


DMV 21-31 EIRA 1
Atlantis 12-26 NZ


EIRA over NZ Taniwha

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