Thursday, March 23, 2017

Eagles Named For Can-Am Series

Photo: Connie Hatfield

Head coach Peter Steinberg has picked his team for the upcoming Can-Am series. Overall, he keeps the core group of players he's used over the last year with a few new players earning selection. What is maybe most notable is that injuries to Hope Rogers and Kimber Rozier mean that the team is going to have to find depth at two key positions. That is big as the Can-Am series so far is their biggest test ahead of the World Cup so being able to test out some players under good competition is only going to benefit the team. Other returning players include a number of 7s players, including Alev Kelter, Nana Fa'avesi, and Kelly Griffin.

"We are excited to host our northern neighbors, and hope that the San Diego rugby community will be able to support the Women's Eagles and come out and watch the team play one of the top teams in the world," said Steinberg in a U.S.A. Rugby press release. "This is the first chance we have had this cycle to bring all the players together, and I think we have the opportunity to do something special in Ireland."

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The series begins next Tuesday with a behind closed doors scrimmage and then continues on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. et/3:00 p.m. pt in a match that will be shown on The Rugby Channel.

Squad: Bayless Annie (Seattle Saracens), Kathryn Augustyn (Berkeley All Blues), Catie Benson (Life West), Sylvia Braaten (Twin Cities), Stacey Bridges (Twin Cities), Kayla Canett (Penn State), Ryan Carlyle (Eagles 7s), Sarah Chobot (Glendale Raptors), Nana Fa'avesi (Eagles 7s), Tiffany Faaee (New York), Tess Feury (Penn State), Megan Foster (Life West), Jordan Gray (Life West), Hunter Griendling (San Diego Surfers), Kelly Griffin (Unattached), Nicole Heavirland (Eagles 7s), Alev Kelter (Eagles 7s), Molly Kinsella (San Diego Surfers), Joanna Kitlinski (Glendale Raptors), Bulou Mataitoga (Eagles 7s), Sam Pankey (San Diego Surfers), Sara Parsons (NOVA), Annakaren Pedraza (Lindenwood), Ahsley Perry (ARPTC), Christiane Pheil (Chicago North Shore), Naima Reddick (Seattle Saracens), Jamila Reinhardt (San Diego Surfers), Kristine Sommer (Seattle Saracens), Kelsi Stockert (Eagles 7s), Nicole Strasko (Eagles 7s), Naya Tapper (Eagles 7s), Kristen Thomas (Eagles 7s), Alycia Washington (New York), Jess Wooden (Aylesford)

Non-Traveling Reserves: Abby Gustaitis (NOVA), Rebekah Hebdon (BYU), Phaidra Knight (New York), Nicole Snyder (Bloomsburg)

Unavailable/Injured: Kate Daley (New York), Cheta Emba (Eagles 7s), Hope Rogers (San Diego), Kimber Rozier (Scion), Kate Zackary (San Diego)

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