Monday, March 20, 2017

DI-A Final Headed Back To St. Mary's

The DI-A final will be held at St. Mary's University for the second year in a row. The final will be on Saturday, May 6th and will also be shown live on the CBS Sports Network at 7:00 p.m. et/4:00 p.m. pt. While no mention of the DI-A final was made in the press release announcing Life as the host of the college finals the same day it was assumed that the DI-A final would be in the same location as the rest of the college finals, just like in years past. That assumption was only bolster when you consider that the DI-A final has flipped back and forth between the Southeast and California, giving an advantage to either St. Mary's or Life every year.

The decision to have the final at St. Mary's makes a lot of sense. Most of the teams expected to compete in the final (i.e. the BYU's and St. Mary's of the world) are on the West Coast. Only Life would have to travel a long distance. It also helps make the DI-A final an event on it's own. 

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