Monday, March 6, 2017

Chicago Lions Win Men's Aces

The Chicago Lions were the top team in the Men's Aces at the LVI claiming the championship with a 17-7 win over the Army. The Lions carried over their strong form that they exhibited last summer and surely sent their intentions for another strong summer this year. Before beating the Army in the final the Lions ran past Atlanta Old White 33-10.

The other semi-final had the Army over Humless 17-7. While the Aces is always a fairly open division the win was a bit of a surprise given how Humless have dominated the division in recent years. In the quarterfinals the Lions beat Upright 24-19, the Army beat the Selects 19-7, Humless beat BC Rugby 24-12, and Atlanta Old White beat Denver 29-12.

In the other hardware areas Humless beat Atlanta Old White 38-5 for third place. New Orleans beat the PNRFU Loggers 24-19 for the Plate. The West Valley Lions won the Bowl.

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Pool A: Humless, Team Quebec, Arctic Legion, Titans Hawaii

Humless 24-20 Quebec
Titans 31-17 Arctic Legion
Humless 33-5 Arctic Legion
Quebec 21-19 Titans
Humless 28-5 Titans
Quebec 24-21 Arctic Legion

Pool B: Army, Mana Rugby, West Valley Lions, Legacy Rugby

Army 24-14 Mana Rugby
Legacy 21-12 West Valley
Army 28-12 West Valley
Legacy 24-17 Mana
Mana 26-13 West Valley
Army 29-5 Legacy

Pool C: Upright Rugby, Denver 7s, New Orleans 7s, N&J

Upright 21-0 Denver
NOLA 21-19 N&J
Upright 26-16 NOLA
Denver 31-15 N&J
Upright 31-10 N&J
Denver 31-19 NOLA

Pool D: BC Rugby, Atlanta Old White, Bridge City, Hooligans Selects

BC 28-31 Atlanta
Hooligans 26-7 Bridge City
BC 38-0 Bridge City
Atlanta 19-14 Hooligans
BC 50-5 Hooligans
Atlanta 64-0 Bridge City

Pool E: Chicago Lions, The Selects, Cowrie 7s, PNRFU Loggers

Lions 14-0 Cowrie
Lions 29-10 Loggers
Selects 14-0 Cowrie
Selects 21-12 Loggers


Atlanta Old White 29-12 Denver
Upright 19-24 Chicago Lions
Humless 24-12 BC Rugby
Army 19-7 The Selects


Chicago Lions 33-10 Atlanta Old White
Army 17-7 Humless


Chicago 17-7 Army

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