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Monday, February 13, 2017

Zack Test Released From Hospital

Zack Test has been released fro the hospital after spending nearly a week at a San Antonio facility. Test went off just before halftime in the Eagles match against Uruguay with what looked like and ankle injury and for concussion protocol. However, thanks to some quick recognition by the medical staff he was taken to the hospital where he had surgery that saved his life. This is what test posted on social media:


  1. This highlights the importance of recognizing potential head injuries and having the player evaluated by qualified medical personnel promptly.

  2. Does anyone know information on the actual injury or surgery Zack needed?

    1. I heard but do not know if true, they removed blood around his brain. I am sending him a letter this week. I want to wait until he makes his own statement if he chooses.

  3. Understanding that releasing medical information is a highly personal decision, I hope that Zack releases additional information as to the nature and extent of his injuries so that we may learn from them. As a new coach to youth rugby, I would like to know/learn some of the signs of a dangerous situation. My thoughts and prayers to Zack and his family during his recovery, and hope to see him back on the pitch in his Eagles kit soon.