Tuesday, February 28, 2017

U.S. vs. Chile: Eagles Player Grades

The Eagles turned it on in the second half against Chile for a big win and that leads to good grades. However, given the opponent and the first half performance they aren't as good of grades as you'd expect with that big of a win.

Ben Tarr, 47 minutes (5.5): Tarr got his opportunity to make an impact for the Eagles and did alright. We're not sure if it's enough to earn him more time but it wasn't bad.

James Hilterbrand, 51 minutes (6): Another good outing for Hilterbrand. The line out wasn't as crazy good as in weeks past but that has more to do with the locks. In the open field Hilterbrand was effective.

Chris Baumann, 55 minutes (6): It took a little big of time but Baumann joined the other props in turning the screws on Chile.

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Matt Jensen, 80 minutes (7.5): Jensen is a player that continues to impress. Every time he plays for the Eagles he does something that makes you know how good of a player he can be. The locks are a crowded group but one that he may be able to break in to.

Siaosi Mahoni, 47 minutes (6): Mahoni had his first big opportunity to shine for the Eagles and he did really well in our estimation. It took him some time to settle in but once he did he made some great runs and did some great work at the breakdown.

Todd Clever, 66 minutes (6): Clever was his usual self and did well in his 66 minutes before going off injured. He dominates against teams like Chile which is important.

Tony Lamborn, 80 minutes (7): Two tries for Lamborn were a just reward for his hard work all day. We say it every week but his experience in New Zealand is leading to tries and opportunities. That only makes the Eagles a better team.

Cam Dolan, 80 minutes (7): Dolan is such a good player. His value to the Eagles is hard to understate but every time he puts on the jersey he does something impactful. He dominated the Chilean forwards and scored a great try.

Shaun Davies, 67 minutes (6.5): Another good game from Davies. We're still not sure if it was enough to give him the spot in the first choice squad come the summer but there were good signs. Augspurger is playing well but has shown well on the wing allowing Davies the opportunity.

Ben Cima, 80 minutes (6): Overall, Cima did well. He made good decisions and generally ran the match well. That said, he's still learning and there were aspects of his game he could clean up. A bright point for him was his kicking game.

Nate Augspurger, 80 minutes (7): We thought that Augspurger did fantastic as captain. He was calm and he had good communication with the referee. He also found a way to make an impact on the match. He has really impressed so far at the ARC and we think he's earned a big part on the team going forward.

JP Eloff, 58 minutes (6.5): It wasn't the most effective day for Eloff but he still managed to do some things well. It will be interesting to see if head coach John Mitchell changes who starts at 12 next week.

Bryce Campbell, 80 minutes (7): Despite the quiet day for the backs Campbell found a way to make an impact. That is an ability that coaches love and that's why he keeps starting.

Spike Davis, 63 minutes (6): Like with the rest the backs it was actually a fairly quiet game for Davis despite the big scoreline. Davis had a few good runs but didn't make as big of an impact as he'd like.

Mike Te'o, 80 minutes (6): Chile didn't kick as much as we thought they might and that allowed Te'o to play more of the game we saw against Canada. He was active once again but with the forwards doing most of the week he wasn't able to pick up a try.


Tony Purpura, 33 minutes (6): Another solid match for Purpura but also a difficult match to make an impact.

David Tameilau, 33 minutes (7): Sometimes it's easy to forget how good Tameilau really is. In two appearances off the bench for the Eagles during the ARC he has made an instant impact. It's reminiscent of his play at last year's ARC when he was the breakout player. All in all, he's made a case to make the team in the summer.

Peter Malcolm, 29 minutes (7): Malcolm has done a lot to boost his stock ahead of World Cup qualifiers. Right now not only has he put himself firmly on the radar but has made a case for more playing time. Two tries for the day are not bad either.

Ollie Kilifi, 25 minutes (6): Not the most noticeable appearance for Kilifi but a solid one nonetheless. We bet he gets a bigger chance next week against Argentina where his scrumming abilities will come into play.

Calvin Whiting, 22 minutes (6): Whiting's debut was decent for a player we expect to do big things for the Eagles. A breakout summer with the All-Americans will do him good.

Will Magie, 17 minutes (6.5): After several weeks of starting Magie found himself off the bench. You saw right away how valuable he can be with some excellent passes. As each week passes he moves closer and closer to the back-up role behind AJ MacGinty.

Hanco Germishuys, 14 minutes (NA): Germishuys came on and did well but by that point the Eagles were rolling and there wasn't much for him to do.

Andrew Turner, 13 minutes (NA): Like Germishuys, Turner came on late in the match when he Eagles were pouring in tries.


  1. Kilifi's pass on one of the tries (can't remember which one) was great skill by the big man.

  2. Ball handling wasn't as crisp against Chile as it will need to be against Argentina. I think the big score lines are making players think they need to get that 50/50 offload every time when it's not on. Eagles need to be patient and keep applying pressure when it's on but don't force it. Overall I'm very pleased, we're undefeated and definitely have positive momentum. Much improved compared to last years ARC performance