Thursday, February 16, 2017

TIAR College Top Ten Power Rankings

Our latest College Top Ten Power Rankings are out. Cal are still on top while BYU fall.

1. Cal (Last Week: 1, beat Arizona State 44-16, Cal Poly 73-7): Two tough teams were no problem for the Golden Bears are they rolled to another win. So far they haven't been tested much but that is about to change this weekend as they host the University of British Columbia. The Thunderbirds are arguably the best college side in North America and have been a good test for Cal. If Cal can come away with a victory they know they are on their way to a special season. Up next: UBC

2. St. Mary's (LW: 3, bye): St. Mary's had a bye last week but still move up with BYU struggling against the Glendale Raptors. The Gaels and Cougars play next week in what should be a thriller. Up next: BYU

3. BYU (LW: 2, lost to Glendale Raptors 57-12): It's certainly not unusual for even a top college team to lose to a club team but out's how BYU lost to Glendale that has to trouble the Cougars. It simply wasn't expected for a BYU team that is one of the best teams in the country regardless of club or college. It only gets more tough this week as they travel to St. Mary's. Up next: St. Mary's

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4. Life (LW: 4, bye): The Running Eagles have had some time before starting the winter/spring portion of their season but they get going again this week against Arkansas State. It's a tough way to open their season but Life can show their intentions with a good result. Up next: Arkansas State

5. Central Washington (LW: 5, beat Valley 50-10): The Wildcats continued to take advantage of the solid rugby in the Pacific Northwest with a convincing win over Seattle-area side Valley. Central Washington could be a sleeper team this year. They won't play a lot of college teams but they are getting seasoned against some very good club teams. Up next: Abbotsford

6. Lindenwood (LW: 6, beat Colorado 84-0, Air Force 53-7): Great bounce back from the Lions this week as they swept through the Rockies beating Colorado and Air Force. In their post-match comments from Colorado they were obviously disappointed with the loss to Central Washington and they responded with two big wins. Up next: Bye

7. Penn State (LW: 7,  beat Navy 60-34): The Nittany Lions gave new head coach James Willocks his first win as they beat Navy 60-34 in pre-season play. It's still early but the win over Navy is a great way to start the second half of their season. Up next: Bye

8. Arizona (LW: 8, beat Grand Canyon 50-12): Grand Canyon are not an easy side. They have some resources and are an improving team. That's what makes Arizona solid win even better. Up next: San Diego State

9. Army (LW:9, pre-season ): Army are still in pre-season.

10. Indiana (LW: NR): Indiana are still in pre-season and although it might not be fair to Davenport after thinking about we think Indiana is better at the moment.

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