Thursday, February 2, 2017

TIAR College Top Ten Power Rankings

Our first College Top Ten Power Rankings of the new year are out. Our Power Rankings are intended to be a reaction to week to week results of the top college teams but instead an overall estimation of where the programs rank taking in a lot of factors. Our rankings also don't distinguish between divisions or championships.

1. Cal (beat Utah 92-12, Cal Maritime 87-0): For us Cal are going to be the top team in the country until somebody beats them or another team blows away the competition so much they force us to make a change. The perception over the last few years has been that other programs are beginning to catch up with Cal. That's true but as Cal is reminding us this year they are still the all-time winningest program in the country and the Varsity Cup champions. Up next: Santa Clara

2. BYU (beat Cal Poly 91-3, SDSU 50-14): The Cougars are the team in our mind that can top Cal. The offseason hasn't been without turmoil for BYU. That seems settled now that they are going to play in the DI-A playoffs and we doubt that had much of an impact on the team's preparations. They were always going for win in whatever competition. The Cougars started their season last weekend with a couple of big wins in Southern California.  Up next: Utah Valley (postponed) 

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3. Life (pre-season): Life are still waiting for their Spring schedule to get underway. The Running Eagles are still high on our list because we know what they can do. They are the defending DI-A champions and will have eyes on another title, this time on their home floor. Up next: Pre-season

4. St. Mary's (beat Santa Clara 106-15): The Gaels continue to put in impressive results. One of the things that St. Mary's does well that serves them for the rest of the spring is that they test themselves early and often. They play a lot in comparison to some of the top teams on our list and that leads to every single player being ready to play if called upon. Just as we praise them for that they have the weekend off. Up next: Bye

5. Lindenwood (pre-season): The Lions are putting the final preparations in for the start of their season this weekend. Lindenwood have been just outside the top four of college 15s programs for a few years and you can bet they are sick of it. This year they have hopes of breaking into the top echelon and making a championship match. Up next: Central Washington

6. Central Washington (beat Vancouver Rowing Club 35-21): The Wildcats are continuing their independent schedule by challenging themselves with tough matches. They beat Vancouver Rowing Club last weekend--it's not a small feat to beat a team in the BC Premier League--and then this weekend they'll face both Lindenwood-Belleville and Lindenwood. The latter is going to be a huge match for both teams. Up next; Lindenwood

7. Penn State (pre-season): The Nittany Lions have yet to get going this Spring. We've included them here based on what we know they can do and have done in the fall. However, with a coaching change there is a chance for turmoil in the Spring so we're keeping an eye on them. Up next: Pre-season

8. UCLA (bye): The Bruins got their season started against Arizona State a few weeks ago and earned a big 38-15 win. If UCLA can keep that type of effort up this year then stand a chance to do good things. Up next: Arizona

9. Army (pre-season): Army are still in their pre-season.

10. Davenport (pre-season): Davenport are another team in pre-season.

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