Thursday, February 2, 2017

TIAR Awards Recap

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This year we tried to do something a little different with the TIAR Awards to get fans involved by having you vote. We couldn't be more thankful to all of you that voted and made it our most successful year to date. Here is a recap of how things played out.

Men's Club Player of the Year--Brendan Daly
Women's Club Player of the Year--Hannah Stolba
Men's Club of the Year--Mystic River
Women's Club of the Year--Seattle Saracens
Men's Club 7s Player of the Year--Nick Feakes
Women's Club 7s Player of the Year--Rachel Johnson
Men's College Player of the Year--Jihad Khabir
Women's College Player of the Year--Nicole Strasko
Men's College Team of the Year--Cal
Women's College Team of the Year--Penn State
Match of the Year--All Blacks vs. Ireland
Overseas Player of the Year--AJ MacGinty
Coach of the Year--Josh Smith
PRO Rugby Player of the Year--Spike Davis
Youth Player of the Year--Ben Cima
Women Eagles 7s Player of the Year--Ryan Carlyle
Eagles 7s Player of the Year--Perry Baker
Women Eagles Player of the Year--Hope Rogers and Kimber Rozier
Eagles Player of the Year--Blaine Scully

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