Wednesday, February 1, 2017

TIAR Awards: Eagles Player of the Year--Blaine Scully

Scully saving a try against Russia in his hometown of Sacramento.
Our last TIAR Award vote is in. With over 50% of the vote Blaine Scully is this year's Eagles Player of the Year. Scully registered 60% of the vote while Mike Te'o was second with 33%. Tony Lamborn had 7%. Scully had an outstanding year for the Eagles. Coming off the World Cup many veterans had retired from the team, leaving a leadership void. Scully stepped right up into that position and was a leader from the start of the ARC against Argentina all the way through the fall. Not only did Scully lead with his stellar play on the pitch but also off it where he was instrumental in forming the Players' Association. Outside of his time with the Eagles he made solid contributions to Cardiff all year consistently earning a spot in the starting line-up.  As the Eagles head into 2017 they are going to need another big year from Scully and the odds are they get it.

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