Monday, February 6, 2017

Sydney 7s: Eagles Player Grades

Our player grades are in for the Eagles in Sydney. Some players get good marks, others don't do as well.

Andrew Durutalo (6): We thought that Durutalo had a quiet tournament but an effective tournament. He is the breakdown king and came up with a few wins once again.

Madison Hughes (6): It was a better tournament from Hughes but he is still seems off his abilities from last year. His kicking was better but he is still missing some conversions he was making last year. Don't get us wrong, he's still a fantastic player and last year's level is hard to match but Hughes can get there.

Folau Niua (7.5): As we stated during the tournament they may not be a more underrated player on the Series and the Eagles than Niua. He does so many of the small things well. Just look at his passing throughout the tournament. His two bullets that created tries will get the highlights but it was more than that. A fantastic tournament.

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Danny Barrett (8): This was the best tournament we've seen Barrett play in a long time. Barrett's role with the Eagles is to draw in the defense and open up space for his teammates. He did that with fantastic effect. Barrett was a force throughout the tournament on both ends showing just how valuable he is to the team.

Don Pati (NR): Not a lot of time for Pati so he doesn't get a grade.

Steve Tomasin (7): We were extremely impressed by Tomasin at the tournament. He kept the team going at a great pace and made some outstanding breaks. More importantly, we thought that Tomasin was excellent on the defensive end.

Perry Baker (7): Before he went down with an injury Baker was good. The Eagles will need him back for Vegas.

Martin Iosefo (5.5): It wasn't Iosefo's most impactful tournament and he did drop a couple of passes but it still wasn't bad. He took a backseat to players like Barrett and was used in a different position but he still found a way to make an impact.

Matai Leuta (6): Leuta didn't see a lot of time at the tournament as Mike Friday shortened his rotation. Still, when he did come in he made an impact, just not a huge one.

Carlin Isles (7): Isles stepped up to fill the void Baker left after he went down on day one and played very well. This was the Isles that we are used to seeing. He scored tries, he tracked back on defense, and overall he helped suck in the defense.

Connor Wallace-Sims (NR): Wallace-Sims didn't play enough to earn a grade.

Pago Haini (NR): Haini didn't see enough time to earn a grade.

Chris Coyle (NR): Coyle didn't see enough time to earn a grade.

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