Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Show Valentine's Day Love To TIAR

It's Valentine's Day. For some of you, this will likely be a nice day to celebrate someone special in your life. For others of you, this will likely be a day to tune out and Netflix & Chill as the kid's say. Well, here at TIAR we wanted to get in on the Valentine's Day madness but we're going to be a little selfish about it. For those who aren't aware, TIAR is very much a homegrown operation. Most of the content is generated by our editor Curtis Reed who doubles in life as a full-time teacher. What we're asking today is your assistance to help TIAR going strong well into 2017.

If you have the resources and want to share the love we want to give you an opportunity to donate to TIAR. We're in love with our sponsors but we also need your help to bring in great contributors like Derek Sagehorn and to expand our coverage. So, again, if you have the means and want to help our our mission, please share what you can! If it's not something you can do, no worries. We are committed to free content and to keeping TIAR going for long into the future.

You can love us by using the link on the right hand side of the page. 

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