Saturday, February 4, 2017

Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Uruguay

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The Eagles start their ARC today against Uruguay. The Rugby Channel has the action live.

USA Line-up

Forwards: Tony Purpura, Peter Malcolm, Chris Baumann, Nate Brakeley, Nick Civetta, John Quill, Todd Clever, Al McFarland; Backs: Nate Augspurger, Ben Cima, Zack Test, AJ MacGinty, Bryce Campbell, Blaine Scully (C), Mike Te'o; Bench: James Hilterbrand, Alex Maughan, Dino Waldren, Matt Jensen, Tony Lamborn, Shaun Davies, Will Magie, JP Eloff

Uruguay Line-up

Forwards: Mateo Sanguinetti, Facundo Gattas, Juan Echeverria, Ignacio Dotti, Diego Ayala, Rodolfo Garese, Franco Lamanna, Alejandro Nieto (C); Backs: Santiago Arata, German Albanell, Andres Rocco, Juan de Freitas, Juan Manuel Cat, Leandro Leivas, Rodrigo Silva; Bench: Diego Pombo, Matias Benitez, Felipe Inciarte, Juan Diego Ormaechea, Diego Magno, Guillermo Lijtenstein, Francisco Berchesi, Gaston Gibertnau

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Pre-game: The Eagles will be doing some experimenting in this one. With their overseas players it should be a win but they haven't played together in awhile.
Pre-game: Anthems up now. Uruguay has the best anthem.
Pre-game: Looks cold in Texas. Remember, Uruguay is coming from summertime.
1: And we're underway!
1: U.S. with some very early pressure. Uruguay then turn up the pressure and force Mike Te'o into a poor kick. Uruguay line out off.
3: Cima's clearing kick was brought back into the 22. From the subsequent line out Uruguay gain a penalty. Albanell's kick is good. 3-0 to Uruguay.
5: High tackle on Uruguay. Eagles will have a shot at goal themselves. Bem Cima will have the kicking duties instead of MacGinty. His kick is up and good. 3-3.
7: Zack Test with some space. Leads to another Uruguay penalty. Cima will go for the attacking line out but it doesn't find touch. Cima is going to make some mistakes but so far a good showing.
9: First scrum and it's okay from the Eagles. They earn a penalty after a few phases. Quill made that happen.
12: Eagles have taken a couple of line outs so far. That's a good sign. They are out on the attack again.
12: Todd Clever with a reckless high tackle. Question is yellow or red. It's yellow. Could have been red there under the new laws.
14: McFarland called for coming in incorrectly at the maul. Uruguay get a 5m line out.
16: Uruguay with a nifty move off the line out and Facundo Gattas gets the try! Well worked move. Uruguay make the U.S. pay down a man. Conversion from Albanell is good. 10-3 to Uruguay with 16 gone.

18: Uruguay called for offside. A very kickable penalty coming up for Cima.  The kick is off. Still 10-3.
22: Penalty on Uruguay on the scrum. Much better from the Eagles. The U.S. will have another shot. Cima's kick is good. 10-6. Todd Clever is back on as well.
25: Eagles steal another line out. Uruguay get the turnover but it's knocked on. Eagles catch a break there.
29: Both teams trading possession at the moment. Both teams digging in and the U.S. win the turnover. Cima's kick is good. It's not 9-10 to Uruguay with 30 minutes played.
34: Blaine Scully with a great play to collect the Uruguayan chip ahead but in the end it's a line out to Uruguay, which the Eagles steal.
37: Another penalty on Uruguay at the scrum. Cima is going for territory. It's been in the middle of the pitch for a long time.
38: Bryce Campbell!!!! MacGinty with the break from the line out and he finds the supporting Campbell. Perfect time for the try. Zack Test with an ankle injury. The conversion is good. 16-10 to the Eagles.

39: Time is off while Zack Test is carted off. JP Eloff coming on.
40: Uruguay go through multiple phases of pick and go. They will have a shot at goal. Albanell makes no mistake with this kick. 16-13 at halftime.
40: Second half is underway!
41: U.S. win a short-arm penalty at the scrum. So far a good performance at the scrum for the Eagles.
43: Now it's the U.S. turn for a penalty at the scrum. Chris Assmus laying down the law.
44: U.S. called for side entry on the Uruguayan maul. Uruguay going for the 5m line out.
45: Uruguay use their maul to great effect and Alejandro Nieto is in for the try! Bright, bright start for Uruguay. Conversion is good. 20-16 to Uruguay just six minutes into the second half.
48: High tackle penalty on Uruguay. Augspurger takes a quick tap but Uruguay not back ten. Uruguay #13 in the bin.
50: U.S. go through several phases but can't break the Uruguay defense and they give up a turnover. They needed to score there.
51: Dino Waldren on for Baumann. Will Magie on for Ben Cima. James Hilterbrand on for Malcolm.
52: Blaine Scully takes the Uruguayan chip and Bryce Campbell throughout he was in but the ref was playing advantage so it'll come back. Albanell's kick is good. It's now 23-16 to Uruguay with 53 played.
54: Tony Lamborn is on for Todd Clever.
55: High tackle on Uruguay. With Cima off MacGinty will take the kick. It's good. 23-19.
57: John Quill called for a high tackle. Uruguay going for the points again. The kick is off. The Eagles catch a break.
59: As Brian Vizard is pointing out, the Eagles have barely spent anytime in the Uruguayan half.
60: Uruguay's yellow card is done. Eagles with an attacking line out. 20 minutes to go. Matt Jensen on for Nate Brakeley. Alex Maughan on for Purpura.
61: Try!!!!! Blaine Scully collects the beautiful kick from Will Magie. That's an early candidate for try of the year. What a kick from Magie. MacGinty's conversion is good. Eagles now up 26-23. Woah, on the replay it looked like Scully dropped it but there is no TMO.
63: Augspurger finds the gap and runs 30 meters. He flings it out to Te'o and the Eagles are now on the attack. Uruguay win it back & clear.
65: Another high tackle on Uruguay. MacGinty steps up and slots the easy kick. 29-23 with 15 to play.
68: Uruguay with another penalty. MacGinty with another shot at goal. MacGinty's kick is off. Just about 10 minutes to go.
71: Eww. Dreadful pass from Augspurger's leads to a knock-on. Eagles were pushing again. Shaun Davies comes on for Augspurger. That empties the bench.
74: A much better job from the Eagles in the second half to get the ball out quickly to their backs. Magie has been excellent.
76: Another penalty on Uruguay. They smartly go for goal. This will take time off the clock and could make it a two score match. MacGinty's kick is off. Still 29-23.
79: A booming kick from Uruguay gives them a 5m line out. This will be the game.
80: A huge penalty win for the Eagles as Uruguay try a maul. Side entry. Magie kicks it out and it's over!
Post-game: Big win for the Eagles to start out their ARC. Uruguay made it tough but the 2nd half subs made the difference.

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  1. Todd Clever. The gift that keeps on giving.

  2. Thank goodness USA is paying Mitchell twice as much as Tolkin. We can sure see the improvement....

  3. AJ shows it's not all brawn needed in the centers.

  4. So far some of the same stuff....Clever a penalty at the worst times, horrible kicking. Augspurger way slow in decision making and some really poor choices. Dominating the lineout, should be playing territory, tactical kicking needs to be better, play in their end and put the pressure on

  5. Magie showed he is ready for a further look at the #10 jersey. Cima is young (20) and these games will be good for him as he grows. Clever has got to be a sub at this stage of his career. Especially, when Durutalo, Barrett, Manoa, and Lamborn are all available (which will be this summer for the WC qualifiers). He's not better than those 4. A great warrior for USA Rugby, but it's time to pass the torch.