Saturday, February 25, 2017

Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Chile

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The Eagles start their ARC today against Uruguay. The Rugby Channel has the action live.

USA Line-up

Forwards: Ben Tarr, James Hilterbrand, Chris Baumann, Matt Jensen, Siaosi Mahoni, Todd Clever (C), Tony Lamborn, Cam Dolan; Backs: Shaun Davies, Will Ben Cima, Nate Augspurger, JP Eloff, Bryce Campbell, Spike Davis, Mike Te'o; Bench: Peter Malcolm, Tony Purpura, Ollie Kilifi, Hanco Germishuys, David Tameilau, Will Magie, Calvin Whiting, Andrew Turner

Canada Line-up

Forwards: Vittorio Lastra, Manuel Gurruchaga (C), Jose Tomas Munita, Mario Mayol, Nikola Bursic, Arturo Seeman, Anton Petrowitsch, Manuel Dagnino; Backs: Sergio Bascunan, Francisco Moller, Tomas Ianiszewski, Simon Pardakhty, Franco Velarde, Matias Contreras, Pablo Verschae; Bench: Rodrigo Moya, Sebastian Valech, Ernestro Ugarte, Nelson Calderon, Eduardo Orpis, Beltran Vergara, Jorge Castillo, Mauricio Urruita

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Pre-game: Anthems up!
1: And we're underway!
3: An attacking lineout leads to a chance for the Eagles but Spike Davis spills the ball.
5: It's been all Eagles so far and they earn a penalty. Cima's easy kick is up and good. 3-0 to the Eagles.
6. Tony Lamborn makes the break but throws it away. Chile try to kick ahead but the Eagles recover. 5 meter scrum.
12: The U.S. has threatened a few times but Chile have been able to escape every time. Still, it feelsl ike a try is coming for the Eagles.
13: The penalties for Chile are starting to rack up as well.
16: The U.S. is now pinged for a penalty. Offside. Francisco Moller's kick is up and good. 3-3.
20: The Eagles are having a hard time breaking through the Chile defense. We haven't seem them struggle this much at the ARC.
23: And then as soon as we say that Cam Dolan is over for the Eagles. Campbell collected the kick down the pitch and then it was worked out wide.The conversion is good. 10-3 to the Eagles.
30: Still more back and forth. Chile are hanging around just like Brazil did last year.
33: Another silly penalty from the Eagles gives Chile another kick at goal. Moller's kick is good. 10-6.
36: Good pressure from the Eagles and it leads to a Tony Lamborn try after several pick and go's!The conversion is good. 17-6 to the Eagles with a few minutes left in the half.
Halftime: Not perfect from the Eagles but they look on their way to a win.
40: Second half is underway!
42: Chile attacking hard early on and they nearly get a try on the kick ahead. Penalty on the Eagles.  Campbell sent to the bin for killing a tryscoring opportunity.
44: Chile are finally pinged for a penalty in the scrum. That allows Cima to clear.
47: Lots of pressure from Chile at the moment. They are playing quick. It leads to a penalty on the Eagles. Chile will kick.  Moller's kick is up and good. He's 3/3 on the day. 17-9.
49: Try David Tameilau! The Eagles go out wide and after a few passes Tameilau collects. Started with hard Te'o running. Cima's conversion is good. 24-9.
52: Matt Jensen try! What a block and hone handed pick-up from Tameilau to set that one up.  The conversion is off but the Eagles are now rolling. 29-9.
56: Spike Davis has a shout for a penalty but it's called back. Still, lots of good things happening for the Eagles.
59: Chile's turn to have a man in the bin. A good time for the Eagles to pick up points.
63: Subs are having a good impact for the Eagles right now. They are still camped in Chile's end looking for a try.
65: Sloppy right now from the Eagles and it's keeping them from the tryzone. Luckily Chile haven't done more than kick to touch.
66: Todd Clever! The breakthrough finally comes after they win the lineout turnover. Clever is hobbling after that one. Cima's conversion is good. 36-9.
70: The bench has pretty much emptied for the Eagles at this point. Andrew Turner and Calvin Whiting get theri caps.
71: Play is stopped as a Chilean player is carted off.
75: Tony Lamborn with his second try of the match. He picks the pocked of the scrumhalf from the lineout. Conversion good. Eagles 43-9 Chile.
78: Peter Malcolm caps things off with a breakaway try for the Eagles. 50-9 after the conversion.
80: Welp, Malcolm wasn't done and gets his second try in a couple of minutes. Nice offload from Augspurger.  The conversion is good. 57-9 is the final.

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  1. USA looking Good! Our depth is especially impressive. It seems our reserves (no matter who it is), come in and play good clinical rugby. The pace the eagles are playing at is also impressive and the clash with Argentina next weekend is going to be a great match! I really like the coaches new set with double fly-halves in stead of the traditional crash centre. Ben Cima has a booming international leg and look forward to his accuracy and resolve to be the difference maker next weekend in Patagonia. Kudos to coach Mitchell and his staff!