Saturday, February 18, 2017

Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Canada

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The Eagles start their ARC today against Uruguay. The Rugby Channel has the action live.

USA Line-up

Forwards: Tony Purpura, Peter Malcolm, Chris Baumann, Nate Brakeley, Nick Civetta, Todd Clever (C), Tony Lamborn, Cam Dolan; Backs: Shaun Davies, Will Magie, Nate Augspurger, JP Eloff, Bryce Campbell, Ryan Matyas, Mike Te'o; Bench: James Hilterbrand, Dino Waldren, Ben Tarr, Siaosi Mahoni, John Quill, David Tameilau, Ben Cima, Spike Davis

Canada Line-up

Forwards: Rob Brouwer, Ray Barkwill, Matt Tierney, Conor Keys, Reegan O'Gorman, Lucas Rumball, Ollie Nott, Admir Cejvanovic; Backs: Phil Mack, Robbie Povey, Taylor Paris, Guiseppe Du Toit, Nick Blevins, Dan Moor, Brock Staller; Bench: Benoit Piffero, Djustice Sears-Duru, Cole Keith, Liam Chisholm, Lucas Albornoz, Gord McRorie, Gradyn Bowd, George Barton

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Pre-game: This is a good test for the Eagles. Canada are very similar to the Eagles and if they can come away with a win and go 3-0 in North America for the ARC it will be a big boost.
Pre-game: It's a typical Northwest afternoon. It's wet, it's slippy, and it's cold.

Pre-game: Anthems done and we're ready to go!
0: And we're underway! Wet and sloppy conditions for this one.
2: Ryan Matyas try!!! The Eagles go out wide and a slip of a tackle by Bryce Campbell leds to Clever to Matyas for the score. Very bright start. Shaun Davies conversion is good. 7-0 to the Eagles.
4: Another stolen lineout for the Eagles and Mike Te'o breaks through for yet another try in the corner. The Eagles are flying! The lineout is such a strong weapon for the Eagles. Davies's conversion no good. 12-0 to the Eagles with just over 5 minutes gone.
8: Canada have their first real possession but Nate Brakeley is there are the breakdown to create a penalty on Canada.
10: Eagles threaten on a quick lineout but the Canada defense catches up in time. Still, penalty on Canada. Eagles will have a shot. This time it's Will Magie. The longer kick is up and good. 15-0 to the Eagles.
13: U.S. pinged for not rolling away. Robbie Povey's kick no good. Still 15-0.
14: Canada try in the score. The U.S. open up a hole on defense and Canada runs right on through for the try. It's Taylor Paris.  Povey's conversion is no good. U.S. maintain a 15-5 lead. Povey made the original break.
17: Eloff with a less than stellar kick gives Canada a lineout in the U.S. half. They've had the momentum the last five minutes.
18: U.S. called for being in front of the kicker. Canada go for the five meter lineout.
19: U.S. called for side entry on the Canada maul. Canada pick a five meter scrum. First scrum of the game and the U.S. is penalized. Canada going scrum again.
20: Try Canada! Phil Mack gets the ball out of the scrum and is in for the score. After a bright start the Eagles have some problems. Conversion good. 12-15 to the U.S.
23: Penalties are stacking up for the Eagles. This time it's Te'o for an improper cleanout.
24: Canada think they are through again but the ref has brought it back for a forward pass from Nick Blevins.
31: After Davies goes quick from a penalty the Eagles push down the pitch and gain another penalty. Davies will have a shot. This kick is good. The Eagles increase their lead to 15-12.
33: The U.S. are finally starting to work their way back into it. The pace has slowed down the last little bit.
36: Another U.S. penalty. This time for offside. Povey's kic is good. 15-18 with just a few minutes left in the half.
37: No arms tackle on Canada. Barkwill is sent to the bin. Magie tried a drop kick on the advantage but it was off. Lineout time.
39: The U.S. maul results in a try and it's Tony Purpura who touches down. Good way to end the half. Davies is good with the conversion. 25-15 to the Eagles with only seconds left in the half.
40: That's halftime. After a bright start for the Eagles they aren't so good in the middle but end with a try.
41: No subs for the U.S. as the second half starts.
42: Another penalty on the Eagles. This will take more time off the card. Povey's kick is no good.
44: Mike Te'o with a hopeful kick down pitch. The bounce goes the U.S. way as Canada knock it on.
46: The Eagles think they have a try and they do. Magie pooched it ahead on the advantage. Augspurger went up, it went backward, and Te'o scored. The conversion from Davies is wide. 30-15 with nearly all of the second half to go.
47: Spike Davis is on for Ryan Matyas.
50: Augspurger with the good chase to force Canada way back into their own end. Waldren, Tarr, and Hilterbrand in. Purpura, Baumann, and Malcolm off.
53: U.S. with all the pressure at the moment. Another attacking lineout. Also, Cima on for Matyas, not Davis.
54: Try Eagles! Not sure who at the moment but the Eagles are rolling. It's Clever. Also, Tony Purpura is still on. No Tarr. Davies conversion is good. 37-15.
57: Now Purpura is off for Tarr. Tameilau is on for Clever.
58: Taylor Paris with an outstanding try! He's elusively fast and he slips past two tackles for a score in the corner. McRorie's conversion is no good. 37-20 to the Eagles.
61: U.S. make the wrong choice for side of the field and Canada stop a great U.S. chance.  Quill on for Lamborn.
65: Try to John Quill. The Eagles are pouring it in right now. They have all the possession and territory. Saiosi Mahoni comes in for his first full cap. Nick Civetta comes out. Conversion good. 44-20.
69: Well worked try by Canada. George Barton collects the chip and rumbles over. McRorie's conversion is good. 44-27.
71: Mike Te'o try!! Great vision from Magie and great weight on his kick to set up Te'o. Davies adds the conversion . 51-27.
72: Spike Davis in for Shaun Davies. Augspurger shifts to scrumhalf.
76: Handbags emerge after Canada have a couple of shouts for a try. Ref warning his players.
78: Canada get a try after spending time camped down near the tryline. It looks like Admir Cejvanovic. McRorie adds the conversion. 51-34.
79: Canada hit for offside. Cima's kick is up and no good. 51-34 with just seconds left.
80: Canada kick it out (touch in goal) and that's the final. 51-34. This is a good one for the Eagles. Te'o is Man of the Match.

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