Thursday, February 9, 2017

Eagles Make Changes To Face Brazil

Photo: Colleen McCloskey
Eagles head coach John Mitchell has made some changes to his line-up as his team takes on Brazil on Saturday. Some veteran names like Tony Lamborn and James Hilterbrand, who will also captain the team, make their way into the line-up while some newer faces like Shaun Davies and Will Magie will also get starting nods.

Up front Hilterbrand comes in for Peter Malcolm at hooker while Ben Tarr and Dino Waldren replace Tony Purpura and Chris Baumann respectively. Purpura and Baumann will join Malcolm as options on the bench. Also in the forwards Nate Brakeley and Nick Civetta keep their starting roles in the locks. We had speculated that maybe Cam Dolan would find his way in the line-up at lock but after making the trip across the ocean he finds himself on the bench. On the back-row Lamborn comes in for Todd Clever while John Quill and Al McFarland keep their starting places.

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As mentioned, both Davies and Magie will get a chance to start. Davies comes in place of Nate Augspurger at scrumhalf while Magie replaces Ben Cima at fly-half. Both positions are being fought for in camp so it's not strange to see Mitchell shake things up. Cima is on the bench while Augspurger moves to the wing. Also starting on the wing is Spike Davis.

Rounding out the backs is JP Eloff and Bryce Campbell in the centers and Mike Te'o at fullback. Te'o and Campbell keep their spots from Uruguay while Eloff comes in for AJ MacGinty who went back to Sale. Bench options for the backs include Deion Mikesell and Peter Tiberio. Mikesell was announced earlier in the week as a camp replacement for Zack Test while Tiberio was not announced and is a surprise inclusion. Tiberio is the only player who could receive his first cap.

Overall there aren't a lot of deviations from the Uruguay match. Brazil is expected to be one of the easier matches of the tournament and it makes sense that Mitchell would experiment with players at positions like prop and the halfbacks.

Forwards: Ben Tarr, James Hilterbrand (C), Dino Waldren, Nate Brakeley, Nick Civetta, John Quill, Tony Lamborn, Al McFarland

Backs: Shaun Davies, Will Magie, Nate Augspurger, JP Eloff, Bryce Campbell, Spike Davis, Mike Te'o

Bench: Peter Malcolm, Chris Baumann, Tony Purpura, Cam Dolan, Todd Clever, Ben Cima, Peter Tiberio, Deion Mikesell


  1. After last years embarassing loss the US should be looking to exact revenge. Less than a 30 point victory would be dissapointing.

  2. Look at the forwards on the bench, there should be multiple tried scored in the second half based on who they will be bringing in after the half. I agree that a big win should be the expectation.

  3. Brazil needs to be thrashed. Not only for last year but for their stout resistance in the Olympics that prevented a US quarterfinal appearance. Good teams beat bad teams badly.