Friday, February 10, 2017

DI-A Landing Major Sponsor, Television Plans

The DI-A is on the verge of landing a major sponsorship according to TIAR sources. The company, which is well-known to American fans, will be providing the DI-A with a sponsorship that will allow the competition to air their final on national television. Over the last few years the DI-A final has been broadcast on ESPN3/WatchESPN but this year, the sponsor is going make sure the tournament final will be taken up a notch to reach a wider audience.

The news is just the latest in a string of positive news for the DI-A. The competition now boasts over 50 teams including the addition of rugby powerhouse BYU this year who moved from the Varsity Cup. With BYU now in the fold it should break up the St. Mary's-Life duopoly that has dominated DI-A in the past few years. Additionally, with the Varsity Cup now shaping up as a heavily lop sided competition with Cal as the dominant team, having the DI-A final on a major network could lure more teams to the competition and keep college rugby competitive and growing in the US.


  1. This is a great development. Glad to see more sponsorship dollars coming into the game.