Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Look At The U.S.-Canada Rivalry

It should not shock anyone that the U.S. has played against Canada more often that any other international opponent. The two teams have played each other 55 times with Canada winning 38 times to only 16 for the U.S. with one draw. To put that in perspective, the U.S. has played a total of 231 matches so Canada represents nearly a quarter of their overall matches.

When you look at the history of the two teams there are some interesting things that stand out. Canada have hosted the rivalry 30 times over the years and have won 24 of those. Of the 20 matches in the United States the U.S. have won 9, lost 10, and drew once. Five matches have been played in neutral territory. Two of those game in Japan, two in Argentina, and one in England. Canada are 4-1 in neutral territory.

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Going off the numbers above Canada should be favorites on Saturday in Burnaby. However, the U.S.-Canada rivalry over the last ten years has been about shifting dominance. From their win in Edmonton in 2005 the Eagles only registered one win over Canada, a 12-6 result in World Cup qualifying in Charleston in 2009. After that result in Charleston they lost seven in a row and 1-12 after the Edmonton win.

Over the last few years it has swung back to the Eagles. They have four straight wins over Canada including two in Vancouver. The U.S. won in Sacramento, and then Vancouver on a late AJ MacGinty drop goal, then in Ottawa, followed by last year's ARC result in Austin. Since 2010 the Eagles are 4-6 against Canada.

The ARC changes the dynamic and we only have last year's match to go off but as things stand the U.S. should be favorites heading into Saturday. Still, Canada will have some confidence after some good results of their own. Plus, they just reached the 100 test win mark and celebrated with this video:
Even more, the match takes on added importance as several of the players playing on Saturday will be involved in World Cup qualifying this summer. After several cycles of Canada topping the U.S. at this stage the Eagles will be looking to qualify early and avoid playing Uruguay next year.

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