Wednesday, January 4, 2017

VOTE: Women's College Team of the Year

The nominees are up for our Women's College Team of the Year.

BYU: The Cougars have been a program on the rise. They aren't far removed from being elevated as a club sport on campus and it is paying off. Jordan Gray was absolutely dominant for the Cougars this year and it would be easy to chock up a lot of their success to her but that would sell the rest of the team short. They played a complete game and were in some aspects unlucky not to beat Penn State.

Penn State: There has never been a more dominant women's rugby team, college or club, in America than Penn State. The Nittany Lions won yet another championship last year. Unlike it previous years this one was close against BYU but it was still another win. Penn State continues to find, and more importantly, cultivate the best talent in the country. At this point this question is who is going to stop them?

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Davenport: At this point Davenport should probably be looking for a more difficult challenge after destroying all DII competition over the last few years. Few teams have been able to match what that Panthers have done. We think that if they took a step up to the highest level that they wouldn't have much of a drop off.

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  1. "There has never been a more dominant women's rugby team, college or club, in America than Penn State."

    Did you miss the 3 years Norwich University went undefeated and won 4 National Championship Titles in 7s? Beating an Eagle-capped Penn State side...

  2. Sorry Amanda, but Norwich lost to PSU 63-10 in the only 15's D1 National Championship they played in and lost to them again twice the next season, 1 in a friendly and later in the Winter Semi. PSU has won the last 5 or 6 (11 total) USA RUGBY 15's National Championships as well as a 7's NC and numerous CRC 7's titles.
    I'd give a vote to Quinnipiac who had a great fall season.

  3. Quinnipiac beat Penn State this year and won the national title! Go Bobcats��

  4. Excuse me but how can you not include Quinnipiac who BEAT Penn State (41-22 I might add!!!) and went on to win the national title by beating Central Washington who is an amazing team also! Do your homework!

    1. BYU, Penn State, and Davenport were nominated by fans. Quinnipiac was not.

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