Thursday, January 26, 2017

VOTE: Women Eagles Player of the Year

The TIAR Awards continue with the Women Eagles Player of the Year.

Hope Rogers: It's important to remember that Hope Rogers is still very young even though she has been around the national team for a long time. Despite that she has made a big mark on the team as a leader, earning selection as captain for the team's tour of France. Although the results didn't go their way in France or during the summer it was a year in which Rogers blossomed. She is going to be counted on to do a lot over the next year leading in to the World Cup but if her performance in 2016 in anything to go on she will not only be fine but will drive up the level of play in her teammates.

Kimber Rozier: The Eagles bled in a lot of new players in 2016 to gear up for the World Cup but one of the most consistent players for the team was the veteran Rozier. Her kicking is naturally a strong suit and she puts points up consistently for the team but it's not just that ability that puts her on our list. She is a great playmaker that loves to get her teammates involved. She is also a leader and tone and energy on the defensive end. Rozier started every single match at fly-half for the Eagles this year which in a year of change says something about her value to the team.

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Jess Wooden: Like Rozier, Wooden is another veteran player that has been a consistent presence on the team this year. She started all three Super Series matches in Utah at fullback and then followed that up with two straight starts in France. Also like Rozier, Wooden has done a lot to improve her game outside of the Eagles by playing with Rozier in England. All of those efforts showed through as she was one of the team's better players on their European tour.

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