Thursday, January 12, 2017

VOTE: PRO Rugby Player of the Year

The TIAR Awards continue with the PRO Rugby Player of the Year.

Spike Davis: No player used PRO Rugby more to propel their status than Spike Davis. He'd been around the 7s team prior to playing in PRO Rugby and he'd played some 15s with Columbus but he'd still flown under the radar. That is not the case anymore. He led the league in tries with 14, five more than his closest opponent, and he looked great doing it. Davis showed that you can have a big wing with a lot of skill. He also showed that consistent practice at a high level pays dividends. It's not stretch to say that without Davis this year there is no way that Ohio would have been a contender for the title at the end of the year.

Volney Rouse: Although San Francisco struggled early on in the season that wasn't due to Rouse. The former St. Mary's fly-half and current SFGG standout was spot on for San Francisco early and kept them in games with his kicking. He finished the year as the leading scorer in the competition. Rouse had always been a standout for SFGG but he used PRO Rugby to propel himself to a completely new level.

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Mike Te'o: Part of his season was interrupted due to international duty but Te'o made an enormous impact for San Diego. He became the face of the team both on and off the pitch. PRO Rugby really allowed Te'o to show how much he has matured as a player. He'd been good with Belmont Shore in the PRP and he'd had some time on the Sevens Series but now in a professional 15s team he was allowed to show his creativity and his defensive ability.

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