Wednesday, January 11, 2017

VOTE: Overseas Player of the Year

It's time to vote on the TIAR Award for Overseas Player of the Year. There were a lot of Americans that had good performances last year and it was difficult to narrow it down to three. However, we've selected Samu Manoa, Chris Baumann, and AJ MacGinty.

Samu Manoa: If you think about it what Samu Manoa has done with his career is nothing short of amazing. He now is a key piece for arguably one of the deepest teams in the world. That may not always translate into on the pitch success for Toulon but the competition in practice has to be fierce and for Manoa to ingrain himself so deeply within the team is a testament to the kind of player he has become. It's been awesome to watch Manoa mature as a professional player and the sky is the limit to see how far he can go.

Chris Baumann: Like Manoa, it has been fun to watch Baumann rise in his career. It wasn't too long along the Baumann was playing for Santa Monica and doing well but not getting much attention. Now he's fully established in the Eagles and had a great year in PRO Rugby. He followed that up with a move to Wellington where he was expected to see some playing time in the Mitre 10 Cup but few expected him to get as much playing time as he did. That is all due to the hard work of Baumann who gave the Wellington selectors little choice but to pick him.

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AJ MacGinty: After the World Cup Ireland-native AJ MacGinty returned to his native country and signed a deal with Ireland. It's not unusual for Americans to sign deals after the World Cup and with MacGinty being one of the top Eagles few thought he wouldn't get a look. However, not many would have foreseen him becoming a key piece to the greatest Connacht side of all time. All you had to do was listen to the lament the coaching staff had when they weren't able to retain MacGinty and he made his way to Sale. Now at Sale he's been a starter although the team has struggled and has been singled out for praise.

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