Tuesday, January 3, 2017

VOTE: Men's Club 7s Player of the Year

Our TIAR Awards continue with our Men's Club 7s Player of the Year. This rounds nominees are Don Pati from Rugby Utah, Connor Wallace-Sims from Old Blue/Northeast Academy, and Nick Feakes from the Chicago Lions.

Don Pati: Rugby Utah were the surprise team of the summer. Maybe that shouldn't have been as the team was stocked with plenty of top players. One player stood out among the others: Don Pati. For fans Pati isn't a new name. He was a standout for Utah and played in the PRP with SFGG. Still, he never could quiet find that breakthrough. Until this year when he parlayed an excellent summer with Utah into a spot on the Eagles. During Rugby Utah's run Pati scored 10 tries and made all the play happen. In short, he dominated the summer.

Connor Wallace-Sims: The Northeast Academy and Old Blue have transformed themselves into a 7s powerhouse in the last five years. One of the big reason for their success is that they have been able to maintain a core group of players over that period of time. All players have seen growth during that time but few like Connor Wallace-Sims who has emerged as a real star. When Old Blue needed a big play they turned to Wallace-Sims and got it. Old Blue may have fallen short at the Club 7s Nationals but the Northeast Academy has had a banner year.

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Nick Feakes: The Chicago Lions had an outstanding summer. Not only did they roll through the tough Midwest but then they put in an excellent showing at the Club 7s Nationals. He was a huge part of the Lions scoring 7 tries and 11 conversions. Feakes is still in school at Lindenwood as well and he could be a name to watch for the future if he isn't already a player in national team contention. After all, he just became U.S.-eligible!

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