Thursday, January 26, 2017

VOTE: Eagles Player of the Year

Our last TIAR Award is for Eagles Player of the year.

Tony Lamborn: The Eagles were already deep in the back-row when Lamborn decided to pledge his future to the U.S. but after he came into the team he immediately made his mark and made that group even deeper. He's still only played less than five times for the Eagles but each time out he's looked more and more comfortable and a big part of the team heading into 2017. Lamborn brings a lot of energy to the side and a leadership that is needed. Having played in the highest environments Lamborn comes into the team an instantly raises the level of play. As the Eagles move into World Cup qualifying they are going to love having Lamborn on board.

Blaine Scully: Scully turned in another banner year for the Eagles. With the retirement of Chris Wyles, Scully has taken over as one of the leaders of the team both on and off the field. He was key in starting the Players Association and he is one of the glue pieces that holds the team together when they are not playing. On the pitch Scully has continued to improve. When the Eagles are in need of a big play or a change in tone it's Scully that delivers. To top it off Scully is one of the classiest people you will ever meet.

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Mike Te'o: Mikey Te'o played a lot for the Eagles in 2016. He made his debut make in the Americas Rugby Championship early in the year and then kept making his presence known in the summer internationals and in November. Like all new players there have been learning opportunities for Te'o but if you think about the players that really made an impact in 2016 and made it hard for John Mitchell to keep them out of the team Te'o has to be near the top of the list.

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