Thursday, January 19, 2017

VOTE: Eagles 7s Player of the Year

The TIAR Awards continue wit the Eagles 7s Player of the Year.

Perry Baker: Watching the journey of Perry Baker has been fun. It was a just a few years we were watching him at the Club 7s Nationals tearing it up but missing that key ingredient to succeed at the national team level. Well, after hi 2016 it's safe to say he's found that missing ingredient. Arguably Baker was the Eagles most important player in 2016. Not only could he create a try out of nothing but he really stepped up his game in other aspects. His defense has improved tremendously and he has become absolutely dominant on restarts. All in all, a pretty nice year.

Martin Iosefo: We thought that Iosefo had one of the best years of any of the Eagles. In 2015 he was getting time on the Series but it wasn't consistent. Now he is a major part of the team. It was disappointing for him personally to just miss out on selection to the primary Olympic squad but he still was the first option in as in injury reserve. Iosefo has really found a comfort level in his game that allows him to succeed. He now goes into contact at full speed and under control. Defensively he has become a major player at the breakdown.

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Folau Niua: He's quite and he doesn't like attention but we're going to give it to him here. Niua might be the best all around rugby player in the country. Not only has he been a big, big part of the Eagles 7s program but he has also transferred that to 15s as well. When you look at Niua's schedule he plays a lot of rugby yet he does it at a high level. Niua is asked to do a lot of the 7s team from kicking to playmaking to being a key cog on defense. He does it all with an energy the spurs on his teammates. He does so many of the little things well that it only propels his team to victory.

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