Thursday, January 12, 2017

VOTE: Coach of the Year

The TIAR Awards continues with Coach of the Year. This go around we have Josh Smith from Mystic River/Northeast Academy, Paule Barford from the Ohio Aviators, and Jack Clark and staff from Cal.

Josh Smith: We've said it before and we're going to say it again--there may not be as underrated of a coach in American rugby than Josh Smith. The Mystic River and Northeast Academy coach puts together winning teams time and time again. Mystic River had a fantastic year as did the Northeast Academy and a lot of credit goes to Smith. He has a fantastic rugby brain that is demonstrated in the schemes his team runs. Like most of the best coaches Smith puts his players in a place to succeed.

Paule Barford: Going into the PRO Rugby season not many, including us, expected the Aviators to be the juggernaut they became. Barford arguably had the hardest coaching job in PRO Rugby. He had to take a group of players that were mostly not from the Ohio area and had to mold them into a team in a short period of time. Not only did Ohio come together but they became one of the most cohesive teams in the competition. It truly was a master coaching job.

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Jack Clark & Staff: It might not be fair to put up a coach that is already a legend in the sport but it's hard for us to ignore Cal's win over BYU in the Varsity Cup final. That was a match in which an executed game plan made all the difference. Even before the final 20 minutes it was the mental preparation that set up the comeback. It's no coincidence that Cal players often are able to take the next step after finishing school it's because they are given great coaching in practice. Perfect practice makes perfect and right now Clark has nearly perfected that art.

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