Tuesday, January 24, 2017

TIAR Awards: Women Eagles Player of the Year--Ryan Carlyle

In a close vote Ryan Carlyle has edged out Alev Kelter for the TIAR Award for Women Eagles 7s Player of the Year. At the start of 2016 Ryan Carlyle was by no means a lock to make the Olympic team. She had been in and out of the side with several coaching changes but when Richie Walker took charge she suddenly had new life and immediately made an impact putting her firmly on track to play in the Olympics. However, she did not settle for just being on the team but instead became one of the leaders of the team that finished in 5th place. It was truly a testament to hard work and determination paying off. Carlyle had 53% of the vote while Kelter had 44%. Carmer Farmer had 3% of the vote.

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