Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thompson Ruled Out, Haini In For Wellington

A late injury has ruled Brett Thompson out of the Wellington 7s. With the tournament starting tomorrow and budget constraints limiting the Eagles from taking a 13th player like most teams do they have called in New Zealand local Pago Haini. Haini plays for Marist St. Pats in the Jubilee Cup which is the highest level of competition in Wellington.  Not a lot is known about Haini but here are some highlights.


  1. Aren't there a few US eligible players in NZ?

  2. I'm assuming that means he has US heritage so he could be capped?

  3. The host country provides a pool of players for injury coverage. No link to any other country is required. This system has been in place for at least ten years. A US player got in for Tonga the second year the event was held in LA.

  4. Replies
    1. Looks like that's the link. His Instagram bio has four flags, American Samoa is the first one.

  5. So is the American guy playing with Southland just too raw to be considered for this level?