Sunday, January 22, 2017

Report: Haupeakui's Glasgow Contract In Doubt

It looks like Langilangi Haupeakui's time at the Glasgow Warriors has either come to an end or will soon come to an end. According to a report in the Scotsman Haupeakui went back to the United States for a visit a few weeks ago and has not returned to Scotland. If he doesn't return then Glasgow will have to cancel his contract. The Scotsman suggested that may have already happened.

If true it would be a disappointing development for Haupeakui, Glasgow, and fans. Haupeakui enjoyed a remarkable rise in 2016 going from playing for East Palo Alto to becoming a star for the Sacramento Express, to joining the Eagles just for training, to making his Eagles debut against Russia. After the PRO Rugby season he made a move to the Warriors and played a few times off the bench for the team as well as in the Scottish top division. Yellow cards, a few of which were reminded, have colored his time with Glasgow but he still shows plenty of potential.

It's possible that if Haupeakui's time with Glasgow comes to an end that he could land somewhere else. David Tameilau went through a similar situation with the Newcastle Falcons in the summer only to land with Narbonne in the ProD2 and enjoy a run of success.

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