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Monday, January 30, 2017

Q&A: The Call For Questions

It's been awhile since we had a Q&A so we thought it high time to have another one. The spring season is fast approaching and already there have been changes in the college world in terms of who is competing in what championships. Additionally, the Eagles 7s didn't have a great start in Wellington so there is that to talk about. Thrown in U.S.A. Rugby's financial problems and there is plenty of address.

You can submit your question via comment below, on Twitter @ThisIsAmerRugby or on Facebook at facebook.com/ThisIsAmericanRugby  The deadline for questions will be Thursday evening with the hope of answering them on Friday or early next week. 


  1. What is PRO Rugby's next move? Are they obliged to have 3 seasons to keep their exclusive sanctioned rights? Where does senior men's club rugby go from here? Is there any discussion of unifying all the Major regional comps (ARP, MRC and PRP)?

  2. Will AJ MacGinty move to Bristol to reunite with his Connacht coach Pat Lam?

  3. Any further details on Langilangi's departure from Glasgow? Still seems really weird.

    Any rumors on other Americans getting contracts or trials?

  4. Why is USA rugby afraid to be agressive with television audiences. It keeps hiding the national team behind a pay TV curtain and as things stand the world cup will probable be a ppv event again. Why have they not tried thinking outside the box and offer USA games to the CW based on splitting revenue, like the NHL did with NBC when they where in dire straits. USA rugby is doing a good job at the grass roots level, but at the top they are stuck under the illusion Americans will watch because it is a great sport. Do they not realize Rugby is entertainment and needs to be sold as such?

  5. What are the rules for foreign players in the Premiership and Guiness Pro 12? Americans need professional contracts to develop, this is the best route. But what are the limits on clubs signing foreign players? And secondly, and related, any possibility of a US based team playing in the Guiness Pro 12 or Championship division in England? They both are making inroads in the US (Pro 12 looking at a playing on East Coast, Harlequins investment, etc). Can we find investors to fund a franchise of 40 or so Americans/Canadians. We need pro contracts. The leagues are enamored with the US market.

  6. What movement is there to standardize requisites for playing college rugby [i.e. 5 year eligibility completed by a set age] and then enforce them? Similar question for combining "national championship" competitions and letting all competing schools "share in any wealth" created by broadcasting the matches?