Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Knight Included In Southland Nationals Side

American Steven Knight continues to get good time playing 7s in New Zealand. Knight has been a part of the Southland 7s team that has qualified for the national tournament this weekend. The former football player moved to New Zealand with the intent of taking up rugby. Speedy like Carlin Isles and Perry Baker he has been singled out at times as a player to watch in New Zealand. Knight scored a key try for Southland in their bid to qualify for the national tournament.

The national tournament in New Zealand brings together some of the best talent in the country. Several contracted New Zealand 7s players will be participating, including Dylan Collier and Junior Ngaluafe who are playing with Southland. If Knight does well in New Zealand he may be a good candidate to bring into an Eagles 7s camp after his season ends.

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  1. This is how to do it. Put these great athletes in a full-time rugby environment.