Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cal Cup Power Rankings

The Cal Cup returned from winter break with a bang. Wins by SFGG and OMBAC have thrown the race for the top two spots into a toss-up with only one week to go and it has impacted our Power Rankings as well.

1. OMBAC (3-1-0, LW: 3, beat Life West 46-26): OMBAC are back where they thought they would be at the starting of the season in a spot to make it to the championship match. However, that lead only comes on a tiebreaker with SFGG. Still, had OMBAC lost to Life West last weekend they would have all but been eliminated from contention. That is what makes their big win over the Gladiators so impressive. We always knew that OMBAC could score but they combined that with a strong enough defense to overcome the league leaders. Now all that is left is a match against rivals the Old Aztecs. Up next: Old Aztecs

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2. Life West (3-1-0, LW: 1, lost to OMBAC 46-28): We debated bumping Life West down to third and putting SFGG in the second spot but ultimately we decided that as league toppers Life West should stay near the top. After leading the league all season the Gladiators could find themselves out of the top two if they fall to SFGG next week. The team has played well at times but there have been warning signs as well. Next week will determine what kind of team Life West is this season. Up next: SFGG

3. SFGG (3-1-0, LW: 4, beat Belmont Shore 23-21): SFGG needed to beat Belmont Shore last week to keep their finals hopes alive and they did just that albeit but a narrow margin. SFGG have had to cope with some absences this year but they seem to be turning on the results at just the right time. They are out of the final based on a tiebreaker at the moment and with OMBAC likely to take a full five points from the Old Aztecs SFGG really need to come away with a win against Life West to make the final. Up next: Life West

4. Belmont Shore (2-2-0, LW: 2, lost to SFGG 23-21): Although not out of the finals picture it would take a minor miracle for Belmont Shore to reach the top two at this point. They had a good run and scored a couple of key wins along the way but the loss to SFGG over the weekend was a heartbreaker. Now they face Olympic Club in a must-win situation and needing help elsewhere. Up next: Olympic Club

5. Old Aztecs (1-3-0, LW: 5, beat Olympic Club 31-22): It must have been a sweet relief for the Old Aztecs when the whistle blew in their win over Olympic Club. The team has played good rugby so far this season without much reward. Now they have it and are assured of not finishing with the Wooden Spoon. Well done for a team playing at this level for the first time. Up next: OMBAC

6. Olympic Club (0-4-0, LW: 6, lost to Old Aztecs 31-22): Unfortunately things didn't go according to play for Olympic Club. Like the Old Aztecs they have played some good rugby this year but unlike the Old Aztecs couldn't put it together for a win. There is a still a chance next week against Belmont Shore. Up next: Belmont Shore

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