Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Blaine Scully Backed vLoop Launches

Press Release with TIAR amplification

A group that includes Blaine Scully and Eagle pool player Bruce Thomas have launched a new cloud based video editing and sharing platform targeted at improving player/team development and the off field learning process. vLoop is a multi sport platform and that has been heavily focused on the rugby market, providing unrivaled rugby functionality and usability, for grassroots standard through to professional teams.

Scully expressed that “as an athlete, I have always found I learn best when I am actively engaged in the learning process. Video is how teams and athletes get better. The vLoop platform maximizes a team’s ability to improve through a process that provides visual feedback and encourages athlete engagement. Feedback is how athletes gain awareness but it is through interaction that we learn, understand and get better.”

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vLoop is a cloud based, video editing platform for sports, combining dynamic tools without complexity or cost. Focus is on enabling ‘team development’ as opposed to streamlining coaching processes. In addition to the the custom video editing, coding, clipping, drawing and time stamping tools, vLoop provides a unique set of sharing and discussion features, allowing players and coaches to interact extensively away from the training/playing field. Team based collaborative learning is no longer limited to a few hours a week. Accessed via mobile or desktop devices linked by the cloud, vLoop enables ‘coach to player’ and ‘player to player’ interaction 24/7.

Matches, training sessions, scrimmages can be filmed on any device (mobile, camera, drone) and uploaded immediately to the vLoop platform. The coach/administrator can share this footage instantly with team members before or after utilizing the powerful vLoop tools for editing. vLoop delivers the same advanced level functionality of established sports coding software without the excessive interface or time consuming navigation. Video can be ‘coded’ and edited to professional analysis standard or simple base level coding, ideal for youth, high school and amateur teams. Uploaded video remains on the platform, creating a live archive for continued review.  An example of vLoop editing and annotation HERE.

The benefits of vLoop do not stop at the editing platform. The ‘Game Breakdown’ service allows matches to be submitted, via the cloud, to the experienced vLoop coding team, and will be returned within 24 hours fully coded and broken down to set game events. This will save valuable time for coaches and/or educate those who are unfamiliar with game coding. Providing a basic framework, on the vLoop platform, to further develop post match analysis and future coaching points.

Pricing for the vLoop platform starts at $25 per month, allowing access to thirty team members and twenty hours per month of video upload with access to all editing and sharing tools. Larger clubs with multiple teams can join as a collective, allowing access for up to three hundred team members and two hundred hours a month of video upload, priced at $225 per month. The ‘Game Breakdown’ service is $35 per game with multi-game bundle options available.

vLoop is excited to introduce its revolutionary cloud based video platform and service to the growing US rugby community. With a focus on team development and simplicity, vLoop is the perfect tool to help players, coaches and teams learn together.

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About vLoop

vLoop Inc.® (‘vLoop’) is revolutionizing the way video is used in sports.   The company is based in Los Angeles, CA and launched in 2016.  vLoop has seen massive growth since its inception and is now being used by thousands of organizations ranging from the youth to professional level.  Easy to use tools combined with powerful functionality make vLoop the most effective solution for coaches and athletes who are serious about development.

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