Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Atavus Coaching Seminars On Tap

Atavus, the leading rugby education provider in the United States, will be hosting a pair of coaching seminars in the next few months. On February 12th Atavus coach and curriculum developer Greg McWilliams will be hosing a catch/pass webinar entitled "Giving life to the Ball." The webinar is free (register here) to those "looking to explore the technical fundamentals and coaching flow of the catch/pass." The seminar will last and hour. Specifically the webinar will address.
  • Maximizing comfort on the ball
  • The technical Progression
    • The Early Catch / Smooth Transitions / Loading for power / Release mechanics.
  • Creating a challenging, fun, competitive environment to accelerate Catch/Pass efficiency.
In March Atavus will return to Indiana as part of their Coach Development Program. You can register for event and share your opinion on what topic you'd like to here. 

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