Thursday, December 29, 2016

VOTE: Women's Club Player Of The Year

Our TIAR Award voting continues with the Women's Club Player of the Year.

Hope Rogers: It's hard not to imagine Rogers in a Penn State uniform but everyone has to graduate at some point. Rogers certainly did that and more as she took her MVP play from college and turned that into stellar play for the San Diego Surfers in the WPL. The Surfers were nearly unstoppable during the year and a lot of that started up front with Rogers not only on set pieces but on defense. She can also score having six tries for the Surfers during the year.

Hannah Stolba: The Glendale Raptors star seems to only get better and better year after year. Once against she put in a great run, especially with her kicking where she kept the scoreboard turning for the Raptors. Straight from the start of the year where she was the key player as the Raptors beat the Seattle Saracens on the road. It's hard to see the Raptors having as much success this year without the presence of Stolba.

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Kristine Sommer: There are a lot of outstanding players on the Seattle Saracens but for use it was Kristine Sommer that stood out among them all. Sommer flies under the radar a lot but she is what makes the Saracens tick. She's aggressive and she makes her presence know everywhere she goes on the pitch. As Sommer goes so go the Saracens are lately it has been going very well.

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