Thursday, December 29, 2016

VOTE: Women's Club Of The Year

Our TIAR Awards voting continues with our Women's Club of the Year. We had some great nominations and narrowed it down to three for you to choose.

San Diego Surfers: The Surfers put together one of the best seasons ever seen by a club in America. Bolster by several Eagles 7s players after the Olympics and 15s players in camp in San Diego the Surfers were a deep team throughout the roster. That led to some very impressive results. During there regular season they scored a whopping 320 points in six matches while only giving up 74. That only continues in the playoffs where they beat the Twin Cities and the Glendale Raptors for the title.

Seattle Saracens: There isn't a lot more you can say about the back to back DI champions. Even after losing some key players to retirement and moves the team still had little trouble with their opponents. Despite the back to back titles there is still an element of mystery surrounding the team because they play in British Columbia for their league play. However, given that might be the deepest women's competition in North America and they are doing well is a very good sign. In the fall the team went 4-1 and is poised for a spring run.

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Glendale Raptors: The Raptors were another team to have a very strong season. Even though they finished second in the Blue (West) Conference to the Surfers they showed that they were still one of the top two teams in the competition as they beat a previously unbeaten New York side 37-13 in the WPL semi-finals. All year long the Raptors battled the Surfers splitting the regular season series before losing in the final. Led by Hannah Stolba the team was an offensive juggernaut.

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