Friday, December 23, 2016

U.S.A. Rugby Responds To PRO Rugby Situation

U.S.A. Rugby hasn't said much on the PRO Rugby situation. The only things they have said is to reaffirm their commitment to their position and that they won't be commenting.

CEO Dan Payne said in regard to PRO Rugby's sanctioning: "we are honoring the current three year term of the sanctioning agreement as written and agreed to by both organizations."

U.S.A. Rugby has said this: "USA Rugby categorically denies any and all allegations purported by PRO Rugby Tuesday, Dec. 20, and is saddened to hear of the planned termination of all valid contracts signed by athletes that have fulfilled their playing duties for season one and were scheduled to be paid through the duration of their 12-month contracts.

"USA Rugby's policy is to not speak to disputes in the media, and will have no further comments regarding this particular issue at this time."

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