Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tentative Major Rugby Championship Schedule

Yesterday we shared that five clubs have come together to form the Major Rugby Championship. A provisional schedule is out for the competition. It should be stressed that everything is in flux and can change. As was suggested yesterday this is a one off competition so while it is designed as a competition clubs can alter things. In addition to the league schedule the Glendale Raptors will be having a home and away with both Life West and BYU and the Austin Huns will be playing the Mexico National Team.

January 28th

Griffins at Austin Huns

February 18th

Glendale Raptors at New Orleans

February 25th

Austin Huns at Glendale Raptors
Utah at Griffins

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March 4th

Break for Vegas 7s

March 11th

Utah at Glendale Raptors
Austin Huns at New Orleans

March 18th

Glendale Raptors at Griffins

March 25th

New Orleans at Utah

April 1st

Griffins at New Orleans
Utah at Austin Huns

April 8th

New Orleans at Glendale Raptors
Austin Huns at Griffins

April 15th

Glendale Raptors at Austin Huns
Griffins at Utah

April 29th

Glendale Raptors at Utah
New Orleans at Austin Huns

May 6th

Griffins at Glendale Raptors
Utah at New Orleans

May 13th

New Orleans at Griffins
Austin Huns at Utah

May 20th, 27th


June 3rd

Finals (Infinity Park)

Other Notable Matches

Glendale at Life West (1/28)
BYU at Glendale (2/11)
Glendale at BYU (3/25)
Austin Huns vs. Mexico National Team (5/6)
Life West at Glendale (5/13)

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