Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rugby Georgia and Life University Put On Girls Rugby Clinic

Press Release

Rugby Georgia and Life University came together to teach the next generation of championship female players about the game at a girls-only skills and scrummage clinic on Saturday, Dec. 10th at Lupo Family field, the new Life University Rugby Complex.

Atlanta Harlequins U-19 and their coach Tristen Harwell, supported Kaitlyn Broughton and Gracie Martinez, players and part of Life University’s National Championship program, to teach the girls fundamentals of the game as well as the character it takes to be a successful part of the rugby culture.

Local girls from 4th-12th grade were taught how to pass, how to find space, how to defend territory, and how to support one another. They put their skills to the test in a touch scrummage and learned that supporting someone can be just as powerful as running in for the try.

Take the jump to read more.The girls were shown the importance of teamwork and how every player has a hand in every point scored. Playing together on the coldest morning of the year, lasting friendships and camaraderie developed between girls of different ages and backgrounds.

Play Girls Rugby!

For more info on Girls’ rugby in Georgia please contact Carrie Harwell at

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