Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Northeast Academy Wins Barbados 7s

The Northeast Academy have repeated as the Barbados 7s champions (the tournament was previously held in Tobago) after yet another dominating display. In eight total matches the team gave up only 63 points while scoring 233. Eagle Nate Augspurger led the team on the way to being named tournament MVP while Jared Collinson was the tournament's top scorer. In pool play the team ran over the Defence Force, Warriors, Rogues, and Reivers. On day two the team was regrouped into a championship bracket. There they beat Xhosa, Reivers, and most importantly Esher. That put them into the championships match against Xhosa who they beat for a third time.

Other American teams in the men's bracket included Atlantis and the Panthers. Atlantis had a mixed record beating Barbados and the Panthers while losing to Esher and a narrow two point loss to Xhosa. The Panthers didn't have has much success. They were blanked by Esher, Atlantis, and Xhosa while also losing to Barbados. Atlantis went on to beat the Rogues for the Plate.

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On the women's side of things American sides didn't have as much success as the men. The Sirens were the best American side beating the Northeast Academy in the 3rd/4th match. Atlantis went home with the Plate. Canadian side the Dog River Howlers were one of the better women's teams along with eventual champion Scottish side Ecosse.

“Barbados is a terrific venue and to take 1st and 4th was another good haul for the Northeast Academy program”, said Coach Steve Lewis in a press release, “and a fitting way to send off Director Sean Horan on his final trip before emigrating in January”. The Northeast Wolves will next see action at the Rainforest 7’s in Costa Rica in February 2017 followed by the Las Vegas Invitational in March.


Pool A

Atlantis 33-0 Barbados
Esher 36-0 Panthers
Atlantis 7-12 Esher
Barbados 5-29 Xhosa
Barbados 19-10 Panthers
Atlantis 15-17 Xhosa
Esher 12-12-Xhosa
Atlantis 36-0 Panthers
Panthers 0-27 Xhosa
Barbados 0-24 Esher

Pool B

Defence Force 0-38 Northeast Academy
Reivers 17-12 Rogues
Defence Force 0-48 Reivers
Northeast Academy 43-0 Warriors
Northeast Academy 22-5 Rogues
Defence Force 7-29 Warriors
Reivers 36-0 Warriors
Defence Force 0-38 Rogues
Rogues 55-0 Warriors
Northeast Academy 26-17 Reivers


Pool A

Aptoella 17-5 Atlantis
Barbados 0-52 Ecosse
Aptoella 43-0 Barbados
Atlantis 7-22 Sirens
Atlantis 0-38 Ecosse
Aptoella 15-12 Sirens
Barbados 0-64 Sirens
Aptoella 0-22 Ecosse
Ecosse 0-5 Sirens
Atlantis 43-0 Barbados

Pool B

Howlers 34-0 Northeast Academy
Phoenix 29-0 Police
Howlers 32-5 Phoenix
Northeast Academy 15-7 Saracens
Northeast Academy 45-0 Police
Howlers 32-0 Saracens
Phoenix 26-14 Saracens
Howlers 45-0 Police
Police 10-26 Saracens
Northeast Academy 17-5 Phoenix

Day Two

Men's Championship Group

Northeast Academy 20-5 Xhosa
Esher 24-12 Reivers
Northeast Academy 26-12 Reivers
Xhosa 19-17 Esher
Xhosa 22-12 Reivers
Northeast Academy 24-10 Esher

Men's Plate

Atlantis 50-0 Warriors
Rogues 17-0 Barbados
Atlantis 36-0 Panthers
Rogues 50-0 Defence Force
Warriors 0-26 Panthers
Barbados 52-0 Defence Force

Women's Championship Group

Ecosse 5-22 Howlers
Sirens 10-5 Northeast Academy
Howlers 17-7 Northeast Academy
Ecosse 17-7 Sirens
Ecosse 36-7 Northeast Academy
Howlers 17-5 Sirens

Women's Plate

Aptoella 22-12 Saracens
Phoenix 0-15 Atlantis
Aptoella 54-0 Barbados
Phoenix 24-5 Police
Saracens 33-0 Barbados
Atlantis 32-0 Police

Men's 3rd/4th

Esher 31-21 Reivers

Women's 3rd/4th

Sirens 10-5 Northeast Academy

Men's Plate

Atlantis 19-12 Rogues

Women's Plate

Aptoella 41-5 Atlantis

Men's Championship

Northeast Academy 34-14 Xhosa

Women's Championship

Howlers 12-19 Ecosse

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