Monday, December 12, 2016

Durutalo Not Returning To Sunwolves

It appears that Andrew Durutalo will not be back with the Sunwolves next season. The Eagles back-row and 7s player was one of the bright spots for the team last season as they struggled in their inaugural Super Rugby season but an emphasis to focus on more players that could turn out for the Japanese national team at the 2019 World Cup mean that Durutalo will stay with the Eagles 7s for the time being. Several Japanese players that played overseas the last few years will be back with the Sunwolves, only emphasizing the run up to the World Cup.

It's still possible the Durutalo could wind up back with the team as there are still some open roster spots left but it is very unlikely. With Durutalo re-emerging as a big time 7s player he looks set to stay with the Eagles through the season. He could also be a good candidate for a European team looking for injury cover. At least it's not all bad for the U.S. and the Sunwolves. Japan veteran Akihito Yamada is with his wife who recently gave birth to twins in the States. In theory they could play in the 2039 World Cup!

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