Friday, December 2, 2016

Dubai 7s: Women Eagles Finish In 11th Place

The Eagles will head home from Dubai in 11th place. It wasn't the spot they wanted to be and now heading into the rest of the year they know there is a lot to work on.

Eagles 5-28 Ireland

The first match of the day didn't start well for the team. Ireland won back to back restarts and were able to capitalize on both. First they kept possession for a longer period of time before Alison Miller was given the ball in space on the wing. She beat the defense and did well to cut back in for the score. The second came about a minute later when they once again found Miller for the score. The Eagles did have some bright moments late in the half but they couldn't break through the Irish defense leaving it at 14-0 at the break.

The second half wasn't much better for the side. Ireland were aggressive all match and were justly rewarded. That led to two more tries for Ireland. The Eagles were able to find a try of their own through Nicole Heavirland on a nice passage of play but it was only small consolation in a match in which they should have done better.

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Eagles 26-17 Brazil

The loss put the Eagles in the 11th/12th place match against Brazil. By this point the Eagles had begun to play better as a unit and it showed. The first try of the match came from Bulou Mataitoga after some good work from Alev Kelter and other teammates to put the ball close to the line. Just a couple of minutes later Kate Zackary gave the Eagles a second in the corner. It was simple passing and finding the gap in the Brazilian defense. The U.S. added third just before the half as well. Kelter did well to take the loose ball and then runs from Cheta Emba freed up Ryan Carlyle for the score. Lauren Doyle would add another to put the U.S. up 26-0 at the break. In the second half Brazil flipped the script with three tries of their own but it wasn't enough to dig out of their first half hole.

The U.S. will now regroup ahead of the Sydney 7s. From there it's Vegas with the full team and possibly a team in the LVI and possibly a team in the Vancouver Invitational.

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