Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cal Cup Preview: SFGG

We've partnered with the Cal Cup this year and as part of that partnership we're re-posting the team by team previews they are putting up on their site. This time it's SFGG. The original can be seen here

The Cal Cup is just days away from kicking off. To help fans get prepared for the season of the season we talked with representatives from each of the six teams to find out more about what they expect from the year. In this edition we chatted with Neil Foote from San Francisco Golden Gate.

Before we begin it's important to note this year is the 50th anniversary of the club!

Players added:
Jack Halalilo (back from injury), Brendan Hardiman, Danny La Provette, Manu Laquai, Izzy Donaldson, Eae Okusi, Colby Stevens, Drew Hyjer, Isaac Helu

Players subtracted:
Tai Enosa (injured), Milemote Pulu (injured), Mosese Atiola , Jeff Colata, Jamile Robinson

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Coaches: Neil Foote, Grant Wells, and Paula Fukafuka (set piece coach)

Team Leaders: Brendan Daly, Opeti Okusi, Neil Barrett, Vollney Rouse

Players to watch:
Brendan Daly, Izzy Donaldson, Jack Halalilo, Volney Rouse

Style of play: Like to play an expansive style of rugby and let the natural talent within the team express themselves, looking to provide an exciting back line full of threats some good quality set piece ball to launch attacks from. Try to play an entertaining style of rugby that is great to watch and play.

Warm-up matches:
Beat Eastern Suburbs from Australia 24-12.

Please offer a paragraph on how you think your team will compete this year including strengths, weakness, and goals: We have the majority of last years squad back as well as players returning from overseas and long term injuries. Squad is still coming together but guys have been working hard over the summer and putting in the effort during pre season training. The aim is to put in great performances each week with a goal of being involved in California cup finals at the end of January.

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