Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cal Cup Preview: Belmont Shore

We've partnered with the Cal Cup this year and as part of that partnership we're re-posting the team by team previews they are putting up on their site. This time it's Belmont Shore. The original can be seen here

The Cal Cup is just days away from kicking off. To help fans get prepared for the season of the season we talked with representatives from each of the six teams to find out more about what they expect from the year. In this edition we chatted with Nicky Nieto from Belmont Shore.

Players Added:
Hilton Mexted, Tim Mendoza, Sione Masoe,

Players Subtracted: Kieran Ronaldson, Arnold Meredith

Coaches: Peter Sio & Ray Egan

Team Leaders: Jonathan Gray, Brice Schilling, Ed Pitts & Ian Carpenter

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Players to Watch: Hilton Mexted looks very good in pre season so far, Pita Semeane had a very good 7's season and looks like a strong ball carrier with potential. Sione Masoe looks to be a great potential and is developing into a good backrower.

Please Describe the Style You Like To Play: We like to play a structured attack with good decision making skills to exploit space. We like to create pressure in defense with numbers and force turnovers.

Warm-up Matches:
No games just inter scrimmage games as most teams are only getting going now in SOCAL.

Please offer a paragraph on how you think your team will compete this year including strengths, weakness, and goals: Our goals this year is to get to the playoff game in Jan. We are aiming to put and aggressive but attractive brand of rugby together and play to our strengths to play expansive rugby. Our weakness really is the unknown as we will not be tested going into the first game against Life West. Hopefully we can put all our hard work in the pre season into practice!

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