Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cal Cup Power Rankings: Week One

Week one of the Cal Cup is in the books with OMBAC, SFGG, and Life West coming up with wins. That shakes up our power rankings.

OMBAC (1-0-0, Last Week: 2, beat Olympic Club 58-10): It was a very impressive start to the season for OMBAC with a big win over Olympic Club on the road. OMBAC have big intentions this year and after the overall performance there is little to doubt that they are one of the top teams. Zach Pangelinan was big for the team as was Ben Batger. Kalei Konrad's kicking was also excellent. Up next: Belmont Shore

SFGG (1-0-0, LW: 1, beat Old Aztecs 42-19): It's probably unfair to SFGG to drop them down a spot after a big win over the Old Aztecs. It's not that SFGG was bad, they were the complete opposite, but it's that OMBAC were that impressive. A big return by Pila Huihui and Jack Halalilo was a good thing for the club and Volney Rouse is his typical self. Things will get harder next week as they play Olympic Club. Up next: Olympic Club

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Life West (1-0-0, LW: 3, beat Belmont Shore 27-20): The Gladiators were expected to be one of the strongest teams and now to get a win in week one is a good sign. It was a tough result and one they had to get in a comeback fashion but they will take it and more forward. You could expect them to have some nerves entering their first elite match but they handled it well. Up next: Old Aztecs

Belmont Shore (0-1-0, LW: 5, lost to Life West 27-20): Belmont Shore will be kicking themselves that they weren't able to hold on to beat Life West. In such a short competition every win is so vital and they missed out on a big one. Now the road gets more difficult as they have to take on OMBAC. Belmont Shore have traditionally been hot starters but now they are in a hole. Up next: OMBAC

Olympic Club (0-1-0, LW: 4, lost to OMBAC 58-10): Olympic Club are still missing the likes of Alec Gletzer and it hurt. Playing OMBAC was definitely going to be difficult. They will be disappointed that they have up so many point and weren't able to pick up more. Up next: SFGG

Old Aztecs (0-1-0, LW: 6, lost to SFGG 42-19): The Old Aztecs played well at times in their match against SFGG but the depth of the home side was too much. They will learn from the match and in their next match against Life West will be better. Up next: Life West

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